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Is this a joke. Jokes normally sounds like that.

Mammals (which are chordate animals that evolved from therapsids in about the Triassic Period) with 4 legs and starting with L are: Llamas (domesticated specimens of Lama guanicoe)

Lions (Panthera leo)

Leopards (Panthera pardus)

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What are some animals that start with the letter f and has four legs?

· Fawn · Fox

Which animals start with the letter C and has four legs?

cat cheetah coyote... are some

What animals have four legs and start with N?

Newfoundland and Norfolk terrier are four legged dogs. A nanny goat has four legs.

How do animals with four legs move?

The official term for animals with four legs is quadrupedal. So it should be said that animals with four legs move quadrupedally.

Animal that begins with the letter l that has four legs?

Lamb, lion, llama and lynx are animals. They have 4 legs.

What are some animals with four legs that begin with the letter g?

giraffe, golfer, and goat

What are animals with four legs and a tail and it is a 6 letter word?

try the word mammal

What is a four letter animal with the letter R as the first to last letter?

roar rear: when animals rise on hind legs.

What animals have four legs and starts with the letter r?

rabbit, raccoon, reindeer, rat, rhinoceros

DO all animals have four legs?


Animals that have more than four legs?

There are few, but there are animals with more than four legs. A few are centipedes, milipedes, and octopuses.

Is three legs or four legs stronger?

Animals with amputated legs, which leaves them with 3 legs, tend to be more weak than anamals with four legs are

What 4 legged animals start with an e?

Dogs are animals with four legs. English Springer Spaniel and Entlebucher Mountain Dog are dog breeds

What is the name given to all animals with 4 legs starting with quad?

Animals with four legs are quadrupeds

What are animals with four legs called?


What animals has four legs and has wings?

The bats

What animals wobble?

The majority of the animals that wobble are baby animals that do not quite know how to walk. They start wobbling before they get used to standing and walking no matter if they are on two or four legs.

Why animals have 4 legs?

Animals evolved depending on their needs. Four legs are needed in order to maintain balance.

Why do some animals have four legs while others have 2 legs?

some animals have four legs while some have two is because they need to. for example a dog has four legs so they can dig faster and can go through small places to find food. but animals like people have two legs so they can reach higher places for food

What are The animals having four legs and a tail?


Do all animals that have four legs have back bones?

No :)

What sea animals have four legs?

Sea Otters

What animals that have four legs where brought to the Caribbean?


What is HORSES?

Horses are mammals/animals with four legs.

What do you call animals that stand on four legs?