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Cows and goats are the most common animals raised to provide milk for humans. Other mammals could supply milk, however, it's very rare that such products are ever mass marketed.

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Q: What animals supply milk for humans?
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What animals do you use milk from?


What benefits do humans get from animals?


What do plants do for animals?

Plants supply food and oxygen for animals and humans.

List two uses of calcium?

Calcium can be used in dairy products such as milk, or the calcium in the bones of humans, and animals. Calcium can be used in dairy products such as milk, or the calcium in the bones of humans, and animals.

Why are animals domesticated?

To provide food, milk, skin or wool to humans

Who uses milk?

Humans, animals, & actually believe it or not plants can survive with milk. & We all know milk comes from woman cows!

Can you milk a crocadile?

We cannot milk crok as it is a reptile .we can get milk only from animals belonging 2 mammal group, like us humans.

Can a animal drink your breastmilk?

A animal can drink a persons breast milk. Animals breast milk is just like a humans breast milk.

What animals will get milk fever?

Cows, sheep, goats and including humans can get milk fever also dogs and cats can get it too.

Which animal gives both milk and egg?

Humans are the only animals who can voluntarily donate both their milk and their eggs.

What animals in french make chesse?

humans are the only animals to make cheese, they usually use cow's milk or goat's milk. Probalbly Yak's milk and some others in various parts of the world

What animal benefits from a cow?

humans are animals and they benefit from eating cows. humans also benefit from drinking the milk of cows.

What are vertibrate animals that have hair and nourish their young with milk?

Mammals (such as cats, squirrels, and humans) provide milk to offspring with their mammary glands (or teats).

Why animals are benefical to people?

Well, firstly, they supply food. They can be used for amusement, and humans and animals share a common ancestor. Without animals we wouldn't be here.

I give milk and have a horn but im not a cow. what am i?

There are plenty of other animals with horns and milk. But goats and sheep are the ones mainly used by humans.

What is the importance of animals in mans life?

The most important reason humans need animals is to eat. Meat, cheese, milk, and many other things come from animals.

What is a mammarie?

a mammarie is a glad that holds milk in animals and humans(mostly women but men have a small one)

What are animals called that have fur and hair and give milk to young?

Mammals! Just like us humans!

What is the difference between milk and vinegar?

Vinegar is an acid liquid substance. Milk is a liquid to drink made inside a female of most animals including humans.

Can humans drink horse milk?

Yes, humans can drink horse milk.

Should humans drink cow's milk?

Not beyond infancy, unless they are European or North African (as both have developed lactase persistence). The majority of humans are lactose intolerant, and should not drink too much milk. Milk offers the nutrients that many animals get from eating grass.

What are the raising of domesticated plants and animals called?

The raising of domestic plants and animals is called agriculture. The purpose of agriculture is to provide humans with a consistent food supply.

How can I make my milk supply go up?

You can make your milk supply go up simply by pumping more milk. After a few days you will notice more milk.

How do you use the apostrophe in the word nation for the following sentence what is the nations milk supply?

What is the nation's milk supply?

How were early humans lives impacted the domestication of goats?

Steadier supply of meat and milk, with the added labor of having to herd a bunch of goats.