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I am sorry for being so brief, but I thought I heard that Chinese believed the dragon to be made up of part crocodile.

I am not quite sure...Sorry...

its is actually made out of a few animals such as the claws of a eagle, paws of a tiger , scales of a carp, horn of a deer and i think there is more

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Why was the kite invented to scare of the ancient china?

They made animals like dragons to scare chinese off in war

What are Chinese dragons made of?

Your mothers d***

Why are some Chinese Dragons bigger than other Chinese Dragons?

Chinese Dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese ancient myths. They have the ability to transform their shape freely. In reality, they are just totems for good fortune, and it is craftsmen who made them big or small according to their use.

What do Chinese qilin symbolize for the Chinese?

Qilin is made up of the advantages of different animals. It stands for outstanding people. Sometimes antient Chinese thought it can send them children. It symbolize for so many things that I can explain all clrearlt to u.

Were Chinese emporers born from gods?

Chinese Emperors were not physically made from gods but back then Chinese people thought that they were because they were mighty and powerful.

What was the effect of treasure on the dwarfs and Smaug?

Dwarves and dragons are greedy by nature. It was all they thought about at times and made for poor decisions.

Why are there no fossils of dragons?

i think there are no fossils of dragons because when dragons were made they were made of clay and when they die they return to clay

What 9 animals are dragons made of?

mouse, apple, man, duck, eeg, opo, rabbit, cow, snake.

How do you think the domestication of animals changed the way humans thought of animals?

I think it made humans trust animals more, and make them realize how helpful animals are.

Who made up Chinese New Year?

It was theses chinese couple and they were celebrating there birthday and there birtheday is January they celebrate it for 15 days then they both looked at each other and thought we should make a chinese holiday and the came up with chinese new year and thats how they made chinese new year

Can Chinese water dragons live with other dragons?

Well, depending on the speacies of dragons they will usually get along. But they must comunicate with other dragons (As good as they seem, do NOT follow Dragonology infomarion about dragons. It is random, made-up stuff to try to get a bad idea of dragons) similar to the abilities the water dragon has itself. E.G, It would get along with an ice dragon very well. Since Water Dragons are peacful and nice, they will get along with any other dragon besides the ones who have been raised badly.

When foreigners made contact with the Chinese the Chinese did what?

When foreigners made contact with the chinese the chinese

Why did the Chinese move to California?

The Chinese moved to California because they thought America was made of gold, and called it the "Golden Mountain". The Chinese moved here for hope of wealth and a better life. What the Chinese realized was that America wasn't all that it lived up to be.

Do dragons cry?

Yes, dragons cry. And their tears are made of diamonds. I've seen it.

Why haven't scientists found any remains of dragons?

Dragons do exist but there was a warrior who made a deal for the dragons to go into rare statues.

What are terricotta warriors?

The terricotta warriors were buried and made by a Chinese Emperor. He thought that they would fight for him if he was still an emperor in the after life xxx

Why did Shi Huangdi standardize many elements of china life?

because he thought it was hard for them so he made it simple for the chinese life.

How was the order of the animals chosen for the Chinese zodiac chart?

The order of the Chinese Zodiac Chart was determined by the order of each animal in a race set up by the 6th century Emperor, named Jade. Jade held the race to set up a calendar system made up of different animals on earth.

Why did Shi Huangdi standardize many elements of chinese life?

Shi Huangdi standerized many elements of Chinese life because, he thought they where so hard on there life so he made it simpler to there life.

How do you get a dragon in Zoo Tycoon?

You can download fan made animals (such as dragons) from lots of places. There are some sites made just for making animals like this. However, the zoo tycoon makers didn't make a dragon.I'm sure they have a dragon dowload at zoo tycoon volcano...

Why did the slave owns think it was okay to slave black?

because they thought they didnt have any rights AND....They thought that blacks were animals and that God made them to use....stupid people. lol

What is Chinese tofu made of?

Chinese tofu is made out of soy beans.

When were the Chinese umbrellas made?

the Chinese umbrella was made in the wei dynasty

How do the Chinese decorate their house on Chinese New Year?

They decorate it in all with red objects with firecrackers. They also hang paper made fish, and many other animals to bring good luck.

Who originally made up dragons?

No one "made up dragons" Dragon actually intervene with human history.No one made them up they "came".Think of it.Dinosaurs "were" real.Now if you think about it Dragons look very similar to dinosaurs.And if I am correct Dragons are "born into fire" so they could have survived the meteor or volcano eruption that wiped out the dinosaurs.

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