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Fantastic question - The Big Dipper circles around Polaris, The North Star throughout the night.

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Q: What appears to happen to the big dipper throughout the night?
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Why does the Little Dipper appears to change positions in the night sky?

Because of the rotation of the Earth.

Where is the big dipper found in the night sky?

next to the small dipper

Whereabouts in the night sky can one find the Little Dipper?

The location of the Little Dipper changes from night to night (although circling around every once in a long while). In order to find it, one needs to look for Polaris, or the "North Star". Polaris is part of the Little Dipper. If you know where the Big Dipper is, you can find the Little Dipper near it.

Can you see the big dipper better in night or day?

you can see it better at night a about 12:00

Why was the big dipper a good guide for the African American slaves?

Regardless of the season or the time of night, the "drinkin' gourd" always appears in the northern sky, which was the direction in which freedom lay for most of the fugitive slaves.

What is a brief history of the big dipper?

you can only see the big dipper at night with a microscop

What group of stars can be used as a star clock to tell time at night?

it is the big dipper, You can use the pointers of the Big Dipper as a star clock to tell the time.

What does the big dipper look like at night?

like one of those measuring spoons.

What is a good sentence for constellation?

The Big Dipper is the most recognizable constellation in the night sky.

Why vehicles use headlight dipper at night instead of horn?

You can't see a horn

What time of year can the big dipper be seen from Ohio?

The parts when it's night. The big dipper is a circumpolar asterism and is visible year-round from most locations north of the tropics.

Can you see both dippers in the same night?

Yes. The 2 stars in the front of the bowl of the bigger dipper, point to the end of the handle of the smaller dipper, which is Polaris, the North Star.