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Q: What application use in satellite communication?
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What the 4 important application of satellite?


What is satellite longitude in satellite communication?

satellite is satellite

What do aircraft use SATCOM for?

Communication. It stands for Satellite communications.

What is uses of Aryabhatta satellite?

Aryabhatt satelite was use in communication

What is the use of aryabhatta satellite?

Aryabhatt satelite was use in communication

What is the definition of 'optical satellite communication'?

definition of optical satellite communication

What is first communication satellite?

The first communication satellite was Echo NASA

What is the application of communication?

Application of computer in communication

What is a Satellite communication?

Satellite communication is when a signal gets sent to space, bounces off of a satellite, and comes back to Earth. This is a very common source of communication.

What is the difference between satellite communication and optical fiber communication?

the satellite communication can be cheaper over long distance

Whats are the advantages of satellite communication over the other communication system'?

advantages of satellite

Why Fresnel zone affecting satellite communication?

Why Fresnel zone affecting satellite and ground communication?

Is a comsat a satellite?

Com = Communication, Sat = Satellite

What if the difference between fiber optic and satellite communication?

Satellite versus Fiber Optics communication1- Fiber optics communication is quicker but satellite is slow in communication.2- Fiber Optics communication higher bandwidth but Satellite Lower Bandwidth.3- In case of any fault we can easily repair Fiber Optics but Satellite can not be repair.4- Fiber Optics initial Cast is low but Satellite is very High.5- Many People want to communication during jogging, driving, sailing and flying these all possible in Satellite Communication But Fiber Optics not use for them.6- Fiber Optics is Very costly for long range communication but Satellite is low for long range communication.ByMuhammad ShaoibUniversity of Management and Technology ,Lahore, Pakistan

What is terrestrial system for satellite communication?

A terrestrial system for satellite communication is one that facilitates. This includes the facilitation of audio, data, and any other communication.

What is difference between satellite communication and mobile communication?

satellite communication is used for long distance communication, in this signals are transferred from landlines to station , station to satellite and then satellite to station , station to destination. while bts is used for short distance communication with help of bts towers and range of bts towers lies between 8-15km.

What is the application of psk?

Used in our ADSL broadband modemUsed in satellite communicationUsed in our mobile phones

Is satellite communication a form of wireless communication?

Yes, it is.

Application of multiplexing in data communication?

application of multiplexing in data communication

What does a satellite communication do?

A satellite communication simply bounces a radio or data wave to another satellite or a receiver on earth. Satellites all act as giant relays for data transmissions.

Is communicating with sattilites is an application of gamma rays?

No. Satellite communication is done with radio waves (and sometimes microwaves). Same stuff that communicates with your cell phone.

How did satellite improve communication?

allows instant hemispheric communication

What is disadvantages in satellite communication?

Thick clouds, satellite malfunctions ect.

How satellite works and how is satellite?

Satellite TV is delivered by the means of communication satellite and received by a satellite dish and set-top box connected to the television set.

What is radar communication?

Radar communication is electronic communication without the use of wires. Radar communication can be between a ground terminal, like a cell tower, and a satellite. Or it can be between ground towers and also between two or more satellites.