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What ar the advantages and disadvantages of multiprocessing system?

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disadvantages of computer

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it is confined to a limited ar less safety

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it helps the so;ar system

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If your talking like Mariuana theres nothing. But medicine, can heal serios illness,diseases ar even cancer. There are more disadvantages than advantages.

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The advantages of bio gas are that it produces less emissions and can be created faster than oil with less impact on the environment. A disadvantage would be how costly the cars that run on it are and the cost of the fuel itself it is also not widely available.they can help put a stop to the global warming process but at the same time the disadvantages ar ethey are expensive and not always as reliable as the average fuel such as diesel and unleaded

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Yes. AR can break your Nintendo ds system and/or game is recommends that you do not use it

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helo haaaw ar yu duwing?

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All of the diary of a wimpy kid series are 3 points in MY ar system

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gameshark erases ur data.-.- * * \_/ar could also corrupt ur system, but if youre careful notin will happen( exept for a lot of powwwwerrrrrrrrrrrr ) ^_^ gs v.s. ar gs=======>.^ , ^ \_/

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Ar^30 | 12 Ar^31 | 13 Ar^32 | 14 Ar^33 | 15 Ar^34 | 16 Ar^35 | 17 Ar^36 | 18 Ar^37 | 19 Ar^38 | 20 Ar^39 | 21 Ar^40 | 22 Ar^41 | 23 Ar^42 | 24 Ar^43 | 25 Ar^44 | 26 Ar^45 | 27 Ar^46 | 28 Ar^47 | 29 Ar^48 | 30 Ar^49 | 31 Ar^50 | 32 Ar^51 | 33 Ar^52 | 34 Ar^53 | 35

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they ar not cool they ar not cool they ar not cool they ar not cool they ar not cool

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ar mire / ar baoth / ar builecraiceáilte / ar mire

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Ces ar. has written: 'Ces ar par Ces ar'

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Inflammation is the result of immune system activity, this may be a good thing ar as is the case with autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis a disease.