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Q: What are. the disadvantage of tube well irrigation?
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WHAT are the disadvantages of using a tubewells?

Disadvantage of a tube well: -It is not possible where water-table is low. -If the groundwater is brackish then irrigation is not possible.

Development of intricate irrigation system and dikes of babylonians?

the babylonians irrigation system was simple. They used a copper or metal tube to connect it to the soil.the tube had a puncher on the babylonians would push the puncher so the water could flow through. Isnt that simple. well that was the babylonians irrigation system

What are the factors on which irrigation depends?

Irrigation depends on water which is taken from the wells,tube-wells, ponds, rivers to water the plants.

What are the main types of irrigation systems in India?

the main types of irrigation systms in India are wells and tube wells tanks canals dams and lakes.

What is well irrigation?


How is irrigation done in dhekli method of irrigation?

they take water from the well and throw it into the field.its a traditional method of irrigation.

What are the disadvantages of the Persian wheel?

it is a type of a wheel from which we pull water from the tube well.

How can irrigation be improved with scarce water resources?

by harvesting water or by making tube wells etc

What is moat or pulley system of irrigation?

moat irrigation system is a manual type of irrigation in which the water is drawn from a well and the plants r irrigated

What are the uses of dhekli in irrigation?

It is an ancient method of irrigation which then came to be modernized to form our "medieval" well....

How karez irrigation system is done?

In the villages of India (especially Punjab) and Pakistan, a small reservoir of water is made at the outlet of the tube well. This reservoir is used for bathing and recreational purposes, especially by children. In most South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., taking a bath in the tube well is popular as it allows people to avoid paying for their own electricity and water for a bath. Bathing in tube well reservoirs can lead to illness.

Drip Irrigation?

form_title= Drip Irrigation form_header= Apply water in a precise irrigation system. Where do you want the drip irrigation system?*= () Garden () Lawn () Both What is your budget?*= _ [50] Do you use well water?*= () Yes () No