What are 'primary' inequalities?


Do you mean primary qualities? Primary qualities have to do with philosophy. If that's what you meant, ask the question again. It it's not, just delete my answer.

-DJ Craig
As by primary inequalities do u mean mathematical inequalities?.....if so there are inequalities considerinf triangles and arithmetic in inequalities.......im sure ur familiar wait wat an equation is ...(3+2=5)...is an equation..... nd the laws of an equation are that u can switch any component of te equation to any part as u chng te sign of te function used ..that is....(3+2=5 is also 3=5-2 nd 2=5-3 ) and anoter example (6/2=3 is also 6=3*2 nd so on)....inequalities follow te same law.......but instead of an equation the symbol '<' and '>' and '<=' and '>=" are used.....ie is lesser than , greater than , lesser than or equal to and greater than or equal to.......(3+2>4) is an inequality.....te same laws of equations are applicable here.....