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Synonyms are different words that have the same meaning, or about the same. Many words have multiple synonyms depending on the part of speech. Some words are used to mean specific things, so their synonyms cannot always replace them.

Synonyms of Small
Little, Mini, short, tiny, fine, petite

Synonyms of Soft
Downy, silky, dull, low, weak, spongy, limp, malleable

Synonyms of Wet
Moist, watery, soppy, soggy, drenched, awash

Synonyms of Weak
Wimpy, sapped, faint, soft, flimsy

Synonyms of Long
Elongated, lengthy, outstretched, extended

Synonyms of Create
Cause, make, construct

Synonyms of Hold
Cling, Clench, Wait, Grip, grasp, clasp

Synonyms of Run
Dash, Gallop, Sprint, Scuttle

Synonyms of Jump
Leap, Bounce, Hop, Vault, Spring

Synonyms of Smile
Beam, Grin

100 synonym pairs:

1. silence - stillness
2. thrilled -excited
3. melancholy - sad
4. scream - yell
5. huge - gigantic
6. small - tiny
7. skilled - talented
8. novice - rookie
9. teach - instruct
10. droop - sag, hang down
11. dresser - bureau
12. decorate - adorn, embellish
13. bush - shrub
14. abrupt - sudden
15. absolutely - totally
16. dry - dehydrated
17. apothecary - pharmacist
18. pharmacy - drugstore
19. drunk - intoxicated
20. faint - indistinct, vague
21. faint - pass out
22. face - visage
23. face - confront
24. factual - true
25. fad - craze, trend
26. flourish - thrive
27. linger - stay, wait
28. limp - flaccid
29. likely - probable
30. lifeless - dead
31. lingo - jargon
32. limit (verb) - restrict
33. carefree - lighthearted
34. lifelike - realistic
35. cruel - mean
36. clear - transparent
37. license - permit
38. abhorrent - loathsome
39. load (verb) - pack, ship
40. load (noun) - cargo, shipment
41. hate, loathe
42. secure (verb) - lock
43. diminutive- miniature
44. exact - precise
45. incorrect - mistaken
46. drink (verb) - imbibe
47. drink - beverage
48. student - pupil
49. lithe - flexible
50. ocean - sea
51. often - frequently
52. start (verb)- begin
53. start - beginning
54. ridiculous - absurd
55. abuse - mistreat
56. acceptable - adequate
57. offend - insult
58. help - aid
59. fight - argue
60. war - battle
61. offbeat - unconventional
62. winner - champion
63. moist - damp
64. fall (season) - autumn
65. strange - odd
66. stinky - smelly
67. rubbish - garbage, trash
68. jewels - gems
69. risque - tasteless
70. culprit - perpetrator
71. doctor - physician
72. shed - shack
73. depart - leave
74. quiver - shake
75. counterfeit - fake
76. sheen - shimmer
77. shaky - unstable
78. stunt - trick
79. strong - muscular
80. stunned - surprised
81. workshop - studio
82. song - melody
83. theatre - cinema
84. locate - find
85. pal - friend
86. enemy - foe
87. ingest - eat
88. strut - swagger
89. difficult - hard, challenging
90. creative - inventive
91. wealthy - rich, well off, well-to-do
92. submerge - sink
93. subsistence - livelihood
94. tennis shoes - gym shoes, sneakers
95. style - manner
96. subdue - conquer
97. sublime - exalted
98. grand, magnificent
99. penny - cent
100. see - observe
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Can you give examples of synonyms?

Answer . synonym . Two words are synonyms when they mean the same. Similarly two phrases or sentences are synonymous when they mean the same. The usual criterion is that meaning is preserved when they are substituted one for the other.. Example: "Car and Automobile," or "Pretty and Beautiful," ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of synonyms?

Synonyms are words having meanings that are the same or nearly the same. Some words are used as more than one part of speech, and have different meanings in various contexts. So they have different synonyms for each usage, and not all synonyms can be used to mean the same specific thing. Synonyms ( Full Answer )

Example of antonyms and synonyms?

Antonyms are words that have an opposite meaning, while synonyms are words that have the same or a similar meaning. Here are some examples of synonyms and antonyms for the word "hot:" . Synonyms: warm, heated, burning . Antonyms: cold, icy, cool

What are fifty examples of synonyms and antonyms?

A synonym is a word that means the same, or something very similar,as another word. An antonym is a word that means the exact opposite of another word. 1. war (syn) conflict (ant) peace 2. difference (syn) disparity (ant) similarity 3. believe (syn) trust (ant) doubt 4. slack (syn ( Full Answer )

Can you give me 10 examples of synonyms?

Synonyms are multiple words with the same meaning. Ten exampleswould be: hard/difficult, leave/exit, over/above, under/below,beautiful/stunning, content/happy, mad/angry, stop/cease,lady/woman, and dormant/inactive.

What are fifty examples of synonyms?

Synonyms are multiple words with the same meaning. Fifty exampleswould be: 1. Bunny and Rabbit; 2. Chef and Cook; 3. Tug and Pull;4. Run and Jog; 5. Stop and Cease; 6. Leave and Exit; 7. Strangeand Weird; 8. Crate and Box; 9. Fast and Quick; 10. Couch and Sofa;11. Punch and Wallop; 12. Bag and Sack; ( Full Answer )

What are examples of synonyms with pictures?

Sorry, we don't provide pictures. Some examples of synonyms are: . House (noun) = home, dwelling, residence, household, habitat, building . House (verb) = accommodate, board, lodge, put up, shelter, take in . Sun (noun) = star, light, daylight, radiance . Sun (verb) = bask, bake, heat, warm, ( Full Answer )

Give 5 examples of synonyms?

Happy and glad . Sneaky and shady . Dirt and earth . Popular and favored . Beautiful and pretty

Can you give 25 examples of synonyms?

A synonym regards words of the same meaning. Common synonym pairsinclude large-big, rich-wealthy, dry-parched, smart-intelligent,cocky-arrogant, anger-rage, fast-quick, miserly-cheap,reasonable-rational, bright-radiant, prudent-careful,across-adjacent, near-local, and so on.

What are some examples of Tagalog synonyms?

Synonoms for beautiful: marikit kaakitakit maganda kalugud kalugud-lugod makisig gwapo Synonoms for item: bagay gamit kasangkapan balita paksa

What is an example of an synonym?

Synonyms are two or more words that have the same meaning. Someexamples would be soft and easy, pretty and beautiful, or skip andscamper.

What are some examples of synonyms in English?

Big : huge, enourmous, gigantic, large, ect.. Small : tiny, petite, minute, minature, miniscule, microscopic ect.. Sad : unhappy, dissapointed, blue, low, tearfull, depressed ect.. Happy : overjoyed, ecstatic ect.. P.S If this is cheating for a test or exam of any sort I am not part of helping y ( Full Answer )

Give 20 example of synonyms?

Synonyms are two or more words that have the same meaning. Belowyou will find 20 examples of synonyms:1. Pretty and Beautiful2.Hard and Difficult3. Soft and Easy4. Teach and Educate5. Symbol andIcon6. Happy and Content7. Said and Mentioned8. Talk and Speak9.Superior and Excellent10. Delicious and De ( Full Answer )

What is synonym and its example?

definition : one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses example : synonyms for example as a noun - case, exemplar, illustration, instance, representative, sample, specimen. Synonym is the meaning of a ( Full Answer )

Examples of synonyms and use it in a sentence?

Synonyms are words that basically mean the same thing. If you are trying to describe a good-looking man, but don't want to use "good-looking", you should use a thesaurus to find a synonym. Handsome , cute , easy on the eyes , and hot are all synonyms. You wouldn't use more than one in a senten ( Full Answer )

What are example of synonym antonyms?

synonym is two things that are alike.. example: similar and the word same have the same meaning. antonyms are to things that are oppisite.. example: good and bad

200 examples of synonyms?

Synonyms Are just the opposite of each other, eg big and small, long and short. Now u no wot they r do it urself

What is a synonym for example?

The synonyms include: instance, sample, specimen, exemplar, case, illustration, model, pattern, paradigm, standard, paragon, or demonstration.

What are examples of synonym?

Synonyms are words that mean the same or close to the same thing.Some synonyms for the word "big" would be: large, gigantic,mammoth, enormous.

Example sentence of synonyms?

A synonym is a word that has the same definition as other words. Anexample of synonyms in a sentence would be, "Maya thought the mealwas delicious, scrumptious, and positively delectable."

15 examples of synonyms?

cAtherine s. regidor december 20. 2002 tocino chicken joy mango float honesty is the best policy friendship is a true treasurer merlie s. regidor and marlon d. regidor singing,dancing,playing games in loptop fashion designer,

Can you gave many example of synonyms?

A word that means the same or almost the same as another word... E.G: 'Large' and 'great' 'Fast' and 'quick' 'Smart' and 'intelligent' 'Small' and 'tiny' ETC...

What are 100 synonyms for the word happy?

WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you. If you wish, you can use a search engine such as google or dogpile - or you can simply use a dictionary to look up the word!

What are some examples of a synonym?

Synonyms are words or phrases that are different but have the samemeaning. For example: synonyms for 'pit against' = Versus, fight against, face-off,showdown, placed against. etc.

An example of a synonym poem?

NOISE Clamor,uproar,hullaballoo These things can really annoy you. Another one: RESPECT courtesy, dignity, account and awe, respect is made of these things and much, much more. ANIMALS Elephants, tigers, turtles, mice. All the animals are really nice! Red, orange, green, ind ( Full Answer )

100 examples of synonyms with sentences?

Synonyms are different words that have the same meaning, or aboutthe same. Many words have multiple synonyms depending on the partof speech. Some words are used to mean specific things, so theirsynonyms cannot always replace them. Synonyms of Small Little, Mini, short, tiny, fine, petite Synony ( Full Answer )

Examples of synonyms starting with letter I?

What word do you need a synonym of? Synonym means 'word of same meaning', so you need to specify the original word before anyone can think of a synonym beginning with 'I'.

100 examples of synonyms used in sentence?

Synonyms are words which have the same or similar meaning. Consultan online dictionary to find 100s of examples of them being used ina sentence.

Can i have another example of antonyms and synonyms?

Synonym- a word that has almost the same meaning of that word.you have chosen. Antonym- It's a word that exspresses the opssite of another word meaning( in another meaning the two words are antonyms to each other).

10 synonyms with examples and sentence?

Synonyms for the verb assuage are soothe, relieve, alleviate, calm, ease, or quiet. Example sentence: Winning the lawsuit against those responsible for the death of her husband did nothing to assuage the pain of her loss. . Synonyms for the verb nurture are feed, care for , bring up, cherish, ( Full Answer )

What are 50 examples of synonyms?

Synonym pairs: . small - tiny . large - huge . awful - terrible . beautiful - gorgeous . talented - gifted . confused - perplexed . unique - original . holy - sacred . frightened - scared . firm - stiff . gloomy - sad . quick - fast . old - ancient . surprised - startled . meek - h ( Full Answer )

What are 100 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

Examples of Synonyms and Antonyms: (listed in this order: word, antonym for that word, synonym for that word) . answer, question, respond . big, little, huge . boastful, humble, arrogant . brief, lengthy, short . bashful, bold, shy . blissful, sad, happy . clean, dirty, sanitary . calm, ( Full Answer )

Can you give me examples of synonyms and antonyms?

An antonym is something that is an opposite and a synonym is something that means the same or close to the same. Antonyms Left and Right Fire and Water Hot and Cold Synonyms Maximum and Most Minimum and Least Left and Port (left side in sailing)

What are 200 examples of synonyms?

A He is Addled, He's casting up his Accounts, He's Afflicted, He's in his Airs. B He's Biggy, Bewitch'd, Block and Block, Boozy, Bowz'd, Been at Barbadoes, Piss'd in the Brook, Drunk as a Wheel-Barrow, Burdock'd, Buskey, Buzzey, Has Stole a Manchet out of the Brewer ( Full Answer )

What is examples of synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms are words that have similar or the same meaning. Eg: Synonyms of open are accessible, unbolted, unlocked, unshut etc. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. Eg: Antonyms of open are close, fastened, locked, shut etc.

What are 100 examples of synonyms with antonyms?

I don't think you're going to get 100 here. Our purpose is to show you how to do your homework, not do it for you. Ask for one example and then get busy. Example: short Synonym: petite Antonym: tall

What are 30 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

Examples of synonyms and antonyms are below. The examples are presented in this order: word, synonym, antonym . pretty, beautiful, ugly . large, enormous, small . petite, short, tall . quick, fast, slow . nice, kind, cruel . empty, vacant, occupied . sad, distraught, happy . moist, damp, dr ( Full Answer )

What are synonyms of for example?

Thus, for example, for instance, namely, to illustrate, in other words, in particular, specifically, such as.

Can you give me 100 examples of words with synonyms and anthonyms?

enormous - huge - small . intelligent - smart - stupid . beautiful - gorgeous - ugly . dirty - filthy - clean . unique - original - trite . buy - purchase - sell . authentic - real- fake . trustworthy - truthful - dishonest . strength - power - weakness . excited - thrilled - bored . illne ( Full Answer )

What examples of synonyms that begin with the letter a?

Synonyms:. archetype , case , case history, case in point,citation, copy , excuse , exemplar , exemplification,for instance, ideal , illustration , kind of thing, lesson , object , original , paradigm , paragon , part , pattern , precedent , prototype , quotation, representation , sam ( Full Answer )

Example of synonym?

The synonyms are different words that have the same meaning orabout the same thing. T he antonym of a particular word isone that has the opposite meaning.

Example of synonyms?

happy, joyful, elated. break, smash, split, Fair Just, Objective, Impartial, Unbiased Kind Thoughtful, Considerate, Amiable, Gracious