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What are 10 cliches?

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All men are the same, dogs are men best friend, love is blind, money isn't everything, you are what you eat, money can't buy love, college is to expensive, girls learn quicker than boys, boys should be tough and pain is love.

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Name 10 cliches or common expressions that mention a food?


What are cliches and conventions?

explore the cliches and convention in music?please no idea

Cliches for clean as a?

...a whistle

What is another word for trite?


Which of these are overused and worn out expressions?


How can cliches be avoided?

Read back over what you read. If you find any bits that seem really familiar -- they're probably cliches. Cut them out.

What are the meanings for the term ''cliches'' and ''conventions'' in music?

can you plase help explore the cliche's and conventions in music. Thanks

What actors and actresses appeared in Cliches - 2012?

The cast of Cliches - 2012 includes: Lee Jason as Phil Sidney Kean as The Angel

How cliches destroy your letter?

im not telin

How do you keep a story cliche free?

Cliches can be really annoying to read -- it's why they're called cliches, because everybody has heard them over and over again! Read through your story several times, just looking for those pesky cliches -- that's just part of editing. Have your friends or family read through as well, and tell them you want them to look specifically for any cliches you have missed.

What does reassuring cliches mean?

Reassuring cliches are often given automatically, and consist of patterned responses, or empty, meaningless prhases that express false assumptions. Examples of reaussing cliches are : Everything will be ok. Keep your head held high. Chin up.

Characteristics of metaphysical poetry?

imagery that avoided cliches

What are characteristics of metaphysical poetry?

imagery and avoid cliches

What is the plural form of cliche?

The plural of cliche is cliches.

Where did the cliches As smart as a tac come from?

First, get your cliches correct. It's SHARP AS A TACK and that should make it obvious. Tacks are little nails, and they're sharp on one end.

Are there any cliches in jfks speech Inaugural Address?


What are some cliches related to a Brazilian girl?

Some cliches related to a Brazilian girl include being tan, stunning, thin, that they speak Spanish, and that they aren't as technologically advanced as other people.

What are the examples of cliches using paragraph?

make like a banana and split

Why would an author choose a character to rely on cliches?

bc they are not smart.

What are the 5 level of communication?

cliches, facts, opinions, feelings, and needs

What are some famous movie cliches?

There are many movie cliches from many different types of movies. Some of the most famous are "Henchmen are Bad Shots", "Third Person Shooter", and "Jack Bauer Syndrome".

Could you write a Sentence containing a cliche?

The girl's grandmother spoke in cliches.

How do you use cliche in sentence?

At the end of the day, avoid cliches like the plague.

How do you write a clichés sentence?

First, you have to understand what some cliches are, so do your research and look up some examples. Then, pick one of your cliches and just make it into a complete sentence. Click the link for some more information.

How can you become a chav?

dont bother (: they are a waste of space. all these 'cliches' are (n) xx

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