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1. He does small things for you, like give you back and head rubs without you having to ask. 2. He comes home as soon as he can (or calls you as soon as he is home) 3. He always kisses you to say hello and goodbye 4. He wants you to meet his familly (if he is close with them) 5. He pays attention to his appearance when he knows he is going to see you 6. He focuses on your happiness, but doesn't ignore his own 7. He encourages you to try new things, pursue dreams and supports you 8. He makes you a priority everyday 9. He leaves you love notes 10. He always wants to make love to you If you don't know by now that your man loves you then you haven't been paying attention, or, you have good reason to believe he doesn't. Your expectations of love could be too high. If he seems to have fun with you then he loves you. If he talks about some of his problems with you (even work related) he loves you. If he gives you a quick hug or kiss sometimes (like ships passing in the night) he loves you. If you should catch him staring at you with a soft smile on his face he loves you! When people first start out in a relationship we are trying to impress that person because we love them and want to start dating them on a permanent basis with a hope of a future in it for us. If you manage to land the person, have a relationship it can quickly run stale because "the chase" is over and we can get to know a lot about each other and feel like a good old pair of comfy slippers. It happens to the best of us. It's healthy when each of the partners is independent, has a hobby or is interested or active in a sport, club, and sees their friends. If we don't give each other head space in our relationships then it will become boring and this is when trouble can start and a person could "wander" thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Some people are just complacent and "go with the flow" and never change a thing in their relationship, but that doesn't mean they are happy. I've been married for 34 years and my husband and I have and will always work on our marriage. Every night he comes home from work he has a quick shower and he'll either have a wine or have tea with me. I ask about his day and if he's had a problem with his crew we put our heads together to come up with a solution. If he's tired I'll draw him a bubble bath (yup, you heard me right) and leave him alone. He will do the same thing for me. He also asks about my day and if I have any problems he is 100% there for me to offer his advice. We've had our arguments and misunderstandings, but we always make-up and we always clear the air between us. We have learned that if we are getting on each others nerves to stay away from each other for a little. We also see our friends often, and sometimes he'll go out with his male friends and I'll go out with my girlfriends. Being around each other 100% of the time is enough to make any relationship grow stale. Sometimes we are on a tight budget so we curl up in front of the fireplace, bring out the goodies and have a DVD night. It doesn't matter what we do together, it's the quality of time and spending it with each other. You should sit down with your man and start talking. Ask him how he feels about you and be honest enough to ask if he thinks both of you need to work on your relationship. If the answer is "yes" don't be offended, but consider it as a learning tool. Put your heads together and come to some mutual agreement as to what would make you both happy. Good luck Marcy The Ten ways to know your man loves you are:(from ten down to 1) 10.He listens to you.. 9.He protects you.. 8.He brags about you to others.. 7.He is proud of you.. 6.He never pressures you into anything you don't want to do.. 5.It's in the way he looks at you..(You are the only thing he sees)("eyes are the windows of the soul") 4.It's in the way he talks when he is with you.. 3.He shares personal things with you, stuff he never told anyone before.. 2.He is honest.. 1.You just have a feeling that he loves you, maybe it's how he makes you feel or how he treats you, it's a gut feeling you just know!

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Q: What are 10 ways someone could tell if their man loves them?
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Being honest. Tell her how you feel, and she'll appreciate your honesty. If you don't go for it, you'll never know what it could have been.

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The signs of true love can be seen throught many ways of a person. Many people can tell if you really love someone or not. It is obvious.

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Kissing is not one of the ways to tell love. Caring, giving, and giving attention is the ways to know.

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there are a lot of ways to tell... when he looks at you and his eyes get soft and his face turns mellow... he loves you.

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Just simply tell them that you love them.

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.there are a couple ways i can think of: You can call them and tell them You can get a friend or someone you trust to tell them You can write an old fashioned note Or you could use the direct approach and tell them yourself

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tell him about it, then don't talk to him; if he loves u, he will fight for you. not nice, but it's one of the few full-proof ways, :(

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There are a lot of ways to tell somebody. You could write a poem, you could sing a song, or you could write a note and hide it in the person's backpack. Probably the most courageous way would be to talk to the person and tell him or her face to face.

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You could tell her that you love her in many different ways - 1) you could write her a poem to express your love for her 2) You could call her on the phone and tell her 3) You could have someone tell it to her for you (but I wouldn't recomend it) 4) you could buy her some flowers or a small gift that is meaningful and write a note or 5) you could find a special place or anywhere and just look her in the eyes and just tell her. Don't be nervous about it though. Most girls would love to hear that a guy loves them so don't hesiate either. It takes a lot of work to tell someone that, but if you really mean it, then you should tell her! _______________________________________________________________________That answer is very good but im a girl and I would like my boyfriend to walk me home and just say bye AND then after he has said bye suddenley add "I love you!" I would love it BUT I am only 11 :)

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of course you can tell. if they look at you with passion in there eyes your meant to be. that is how i got my boyfriend he kept staring at me until i said do you want to say something and he asked me out. we've been together for 1/2 year now Yes most of the time. There are many different ways to show you love someone and the eyes have it.

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