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word form and expanded form

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Q: What are 2 types of forms?
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Types of polymorphism in phylum coelenterata?

As i know there are 2 forms of polymorphisms, they are the polypoid and medusoid forms...

What are 2 types of images a concave mirror forms?

Real and virtual.

How many types of locust is there?

A locust's 2 forms are Gregarious and Solitary.

What are 2 forms of democracy?

The two types of Democracy are : Representative democracy and direct democracy

What are the three types of land forms?

the three types of land forms are the mountains, plains, and plateaus

What are the four types of landforms?

there are many types of land forms on earth

What are the forms of sound energy?

Sound energy are of two types -1 Monotous sound 2-hipotous sound

How many types of normal forms in DBMS?

total 6 normal forms

Different types and forms of drama?


Samples of health insurance forms?

There are many types of forms. Claim forms, enrollment forms, etc. Many forms can often be found by registering on your carriers website.

What bond in oxygen?

There are two types of chemical bonds present in oxygen: 1. If it is bonded with a metal, it forms an ionic bond; 2. if it is bonded with a non-metal, it forms a covalent bond.

What are the forms and types of Philippine theater?

musical theater

What are the Types of chemical reactions with examples and equation?


What types of sugar forms a DNA backbone?


What are the Forms and types of Philippines theater?

musical theater

Types of non-prose forms?

Non-prose forms are all the various types of poetry. Non-prose forms of writing have emotional truth and actual truth. Types of non-prose form have complete sentences that may be broke into several lines.

What are three types of primary auxiliary verb name them according to their verb forms?

1- primary 2-modal 3-marginal

What are the types and forms of drama?

forms of drama are genre. melodrama. plot. setting .comedy. playfilms. stactle.

Which connective tissue forms the bony skeleton?

Osseous types of connective tissue forms the bony skeleton. Adipose is the types of connective tissues composes dermis of skin.

What types of land forms does a convergent boundary cause?


What are the different forms of a gene?

Alleles are the different types of genes.

What is the difference between forms and types of energy?

enegry unstill

How do you make an origami?

there are many types of origami. (forms) Which one?

What are the various types and forms of filler metal and fluxes?


The two basic types of dramatic forms are?

Comic and tragic.

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