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Mechanical waves are classified by how they move. 2 types of mechanical waves are transverse waves and longitudinal waves.


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No. The 2 types of mechanical waves are transverse waves & longitudinal waves

They all carry some sort of energy.Three types of mechanical waves are transverse, longitudinal, & surface waves. M Some different types of waves are: light, sound, and seismic. Waves can be classified as mechanical or electromagnetic, and transverse or longitudinal. There are many other types of waves depending...TYPES OF BREAKING WAVES: 1.Spilling Breakers 2.Plunging 3.Surging 4.Collapsing 5.Mathematicsyes it is true for all waves.

there are 7 types of waves : 1.sinusoidal waves 2.Plane waves 3.Standing waves 4.Mechanical waves 5.Electromagnetic waves 6.Quantum mechanical waves 7.Gravitational waves

mechanical is the category of waves. there are two categories. (another story) but 2 types of transverse would be sound waves and ocean waves.

Basically they are mechanical and electromagnetic Mechanical can be transverse (waves on the surface of water] or longitudinal[Sound waves] Electromagnetic is transverse by nature

Non mechanical waves are Eletro magnetic waves. We can devide 2 waves. 1 is mechanical waves & 2 is electromagnetic waves. For example Sound is a mechanical wave & Light is an electromagnetic wave.

CLASSIFICATION OF WAVESWaves may be classified in two:According to nature:1. Electromagnetic Wave2. Mechanical WaveAccording to direction of the propagation1. Transverse Wave2. Longitudinal Wave

Two types of waves are transverse waves and longitudinal waves.

2 types, longitudinal and transverse waves

sound is produced by vibrating a source threw air. +======================= Answer 2: For mechanical waves to traverse we need an elastic medium.

Mechanical Waves:1.Mechanical waves need a material medium for their propagation.2.These waves are produced due to the vibrations of the particles of the medium.3.They have low speed.Electromagnetic Waves:1.Electromagnetic waves do not need any material medium for their propagation.2.They are caused due to change in electric and magnetic fields.3.They have high speed.

1. Sound waves 2. Light wave

1) mechanical waves 2) electro magnatic waves 3) sound waves 4)ocean waves 5) air waves

1.Longitudinal waves 2. Transverse waves

1.primary waves 2.secondary waves 3.surface waves

S waves, P waves and surface waves. Surface waves had 2 types, which are love waves and Rayleigh waves

there r 2 mechanical and chemical

Chemical Weathering and Mechanical Weathering

1.Mechanical 2.Opt Mechanical 3.Optical

2 types of mechanical weathering is Abraison which rock particles wear away rock, and Plant Growth where roots pry apart cracks in the rock.

There does not have to be a medium. Light does not require a medium. Mechanical waves require a mediumAnswer 2:Not all waves require a medium for their transmission. Mechanical waves require a medium for their transmission because it is the molecules of the medium which cause the wave to propagate. However, electromagnetic waves do NOT require a medium. (for example light)

Waves in Air give a great example: they occur in two types - compression [compressed Air] and rarefaction [expanded or decompressed Air] Waves.

there are two types of sound waves. (1) transverses waves (2) longitudinal waves

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