What are 2 types of producers?

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What are the types of biotic factor?

1 : producers , 2 : consumers , 3 Decomposers .

What is 3 types of organisms that are producers?

Is it producers consumers and

What types of cells are producers?


What are 2 types of producers found in the movie the lion king?

There was just one and his name is Don Hahn.

What are 2 producers in coral reef?

producers include phytoplankton as well as seaweed and coralline algae, especially small types called turf algae, which pass nutrients to corals.

What types of organisms are called producers?


What are types of animals that eats producers?


What are different types of producers?

tiny fish

What are types of producers involving science?

what do you mean

What are three types of producers?

it is herbivore, omnivore and carnivore

What are some producers in an ocean?

Some of the producers in an ocean are seaweeds, different types of algae, and phytoplankton. These are only a few.

What are the producers that live in an ocean?

All types of fish and algae are termed as producers as they can all produce something or the other.

What types of organisms are producers?

Algae, bacteria, plants,and mushrooms

Which of these types of organisms produce the biosphere's food supply?


What types of organisms are the producers in an energy pyramid?

Biotic and abiotic

What are the most common types of producers?

farmers and manufacturers by: BM

What types of animals are producers In the Sonoran Desert?

Producers are plants, not animals. No animal in the Sonoran Desert could possibly be a producer.

What are people who make wooden furniture?

There are many types of wooden furniture producers or craftsman. The Amish are one of those types of producers. They make quality, handcrafted goods that last long.

What Types of plants that are producers?

All plants are producers. Plants are by definition producers, they take the suns energy and store it in chemical bonds. We eat plants and get that energy and thus survive.

What are 4 producers that live in the desert?

Saguaro cactus, sagebrush, creosote, and mesquite. All of which are types of plants in the desert and are considered producers.

What are 3 types of producers?

since producers are organisms that produce there own things so they are plants roses, lilly pods and dandelion

What types of organisms live in a biosphere?

producers or autotrophs and consumers or hetrotrophs

Three types of producers?

Your all GAY! that's THREE words :)))

What are 6 types of composers in the desert?

There are producers and consumers and decomposers but no 'composers.'

What types of producers is the apparel industry composed of?

contractors, jobbers, and manufacturers