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because hey want to DA you people need to get out more

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Q: What are 30 reasons why high school students drop out of high school?
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What is the percent of high school drop outs in America?

30% of students drop out. 30% of students drop out.

A topic sentence on why students drop out of school?

Your 'question' is not interrogative and therefore not a question. Of course, it cannot be answered as such. It also contains grammatical mistakes.

What persent of Americans drop out of high school?

25% of American drop out of High School Nation wide. That's 1 out of 4 students.

What are the reasons why some students stop after their graduate in high school?

cause school can get harder

High school drop outs?

Being a high school drop out isn't always bad. You can drop out and go to community college at 16, (some areas you have to be 18), and get your adult high school diploma which is the same thing your friends will get when graduating. You will save two years and be able to work full time until you go to college. It's a great loophole.

What percent of students drop out of Valley High School?

red nd blue

What is Kenosha drop out rate for high school students?

like i really kno

Age a student may drop out of school?

for the most part students drop out right at the very end, and that's in high school. depression and stress may cause this

Is drop box one word or two words?

As a noun it is one word.He is a high school dropout.As a verb it is two words.One out of every two students will drop out of high school.

How many people fail high school each year?

About only one to ten students in each district. there are way more passing students than failing students

What is the graduation rate at the university of Texas at Austin?

It has been at the 65% level, as can best be approximated.

Does television cause students to drop from school?

No. Of course not, I'm a high schooler and I watch television. If television caused students to drop out of school than there would be no students in school. It could possibly depending on the student. Television isn't all bad, but there is bad things on TV but if i student is determined enough to graduation nothing should change that.