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They took away the rights

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Q: What are 3 changes made by the national assembly to end privilegs of the nobility?
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What were the changes in the rights of the second estate as a result of the National Assembly is not true?

Changes in the rights of the Second Estate as a result of the National Assembly included the abolition of feudalism. This in turn took away the seigneurial rights of the Second Estate.

What were the changes in the rights of the second estate as a result of the National Assembly?

Nobles were no longer able to own property

What changes did the national assembly make in the french government during napoleon times?

It attack the Bastille Prison

Who writes the party platform at the national convention?

There is a platform committee that writes the platform and presents it to the assembly for approval. I do not know whether changes can be made from the floor.

Why did the national assembly make changes in the French government?

They were afraid that they would fall under German rule, so their changes to the government allowed their president to veto any bills that let them susceptible to German rule.

Who did Louis XVI hate?

He hated numerous people but the main group of people was the National Assembly because they were planning to make changes that he hadn't accounted on or even liked.

What changes in England were steps toward representative government in the Medieval Ages?

During the Medieval Ages in England various steps were taken towards representative government including the formation of a Great Council the development of taxation systems and the establishment of a national assembly. The Great Council was a group of nobles and clergy who initially served as advisors to the king but eventually gained more legislative power and the ability to grant charters to towns and cities. Taxation systems were developed that allowed for the collection of revenue from the general population which could be used to finance government projects. The national assembly or Parliament was formed in 1265 and allowed for the representation of both the nobility and the commoners. This assembly eventually gained the right to approve taxation and legislation. These changes created the foundation for representative government in England and allowed for greater participation by the people in the decision-making process.

What were the effects of the crusades in western europe?

It brought many economic changes such as banking, taxes, and ended feudalism.increased power among the nobility

Who controls Wales?

The british government do. Also The Welsh Assembly government are allowed to make changes

The inventor of the automobile assembly line who brought about great changes in American society was .?

Henry Ford

Which of these changes has the US not experienced since 1960's A more women work outside the home B more pregnancies without marriage C changed national boundaries D regular national elections?

No changes to national boundaries; continued regular national elections.

What is the factors for smooth anticulation of political machine?

Changes in local, national or internationalNo