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What are 3 different forms of morphine?

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One as a raw product which is opium,two would be a crystaline powder, and 3 would be a liquid injectable solution in vials

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What are the synthetic forms of morphine?


Does morphine sulfate have hydrocodone in it?

No hydrocodone is a synthetic opiate similar to but different from morphine. Morphine is just morphine.

Does morphine change the color of your urine?

Morphine in most forms, such as used in the hospitals, or prescribed by your Doctor does not change the color of your urine.

What are the different Drugs in the opiate family?

methadone, morphine, codeine..... Comes in different forms. Heroin, methadone is used in clinics to ween people off heroin. Codeine is in various prescription only narcotics [[Oxycontin, oxycodone, Tylenol 3, vicodin, percocets...]]

Is oxycodone morphine?

No. They are different drugs.

How tall is Violet Morphine?

Violet Morphine is 5' 3 1/2".

Can Tylenol 3 turn to morphine?

No D.A. its codein wich is morphine sulfate

Where is bermy?

a bug Pokemon that has 3 different forms

Do all forms of morphine show up the same on a urine test?


Is morphine an ingrident in soma?

No. Soma is a completely different medication from Morphine. Morphine is an opiate, class II. Soma is a muscle relaxor; class III

Does morphine contain codeine?

morphine and codeine are both opiates, to make it easyer for you to understand , morphine is the corvette of opiate pain killers and codeine is the toyota 2 totally different painkillers , 2 different animals

Each gene has from two to several different forms called what?

The different forms or variations of a gene are called alleles. Thank you<3

How are the 3 forms of radiation from the sun different?

they are different because they have different knds of energy and gases!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the alcohol content of morphine?

morphine is an opiate. has no alcohol at all. completely two different classifications of drugs...

What are the different functional groups in the compound morphine?

In morphine there are ,Alcohol, Amine, Alkene, Ether Functional groups.

What are the 3 different forms of government?

The three main forms of government are:DemocracyMonarchyDictatorship

How many different forms of vitamin A are active in the body?


Does morphine have aspirin in it?

no. separate drugs from different sources.

What is stronger morphine 60mg or percocet 5mg?

I am surprised by this question since it is a easy one but, Morphine is by far stronger. Percocet is based from Morphine, heroin is also based off of morphine. But they both have different feelings when taken but the morphine of that mg will blow a Percocet 5 away.So basically the Morphine allow stronger.

What are the different forms called in an element that has forms with different numbers of neutrons?


What are the statistics on Morphine use?

i <3 men

Can you take Tylenol 3 and morphine together?


How many different forms was the American flag made into at first?


Where a 3 different forms water can be found?

Solid, liquid and gas.

Will methadone and morphine show up the same or different up on a urine test?

Methadone and Morphine will show up different on a urine test. Morphine will show up as an opiate and Methadone will only show up as methadone cause it requires a specific test.