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Some features that make an animal different from other organisms is that an animal has fur, there stomach is mostly faced down and they might eat anything they find

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Animales get this by eating other animales?


What does videos de animales mean in English?

The Spanish phrase 'videos de animales' means videos that star animals in English. One can view numerous 'videos de animales' on YouTube and other online sources.

In Eclipse what animals are scared of Edward?

all animales are scarred of edward and other vampires. but spasifecly in eclipse the animales all leave when there runing through the forest there are no animales when Bella wakes up in the tent and a stray dog runes away from him PS. TWILIGHT RULES!

Are all cells alike and why?

No, they are not. They have similar features, but some have different jobs which they have features unlike other cells to fulfil their different job

How is Atomic energy different from the other types of energy?

There are different kinds of energy that have different features

What type of external features are used to separate mammals from other animals?

Mammals have several different external features that make them different from other animals. Some of these features include body hair or fur, external mammary glands, and warm-bloodedness.

Animals that live on water and land?

their are animales that live on land and weater like the mudskipper and some other kind of fish, there are snakes, snails, spiders. there are some animales that live both on water and land

What features make Earth different from the other planets?

Liquid surface water

What is an area with one or more features that make it different from other areas?


What are some special features of Uranus?

Well, some of the special features are the rings or rocks or anything that is different frome other planets.

What animales are tall?

many animals are tall including a giraffes,elephants,rhinos! Other animals are tall as well

Is a porcupine a hedgehog?

No! They are completely different. From different countries, one can climb the other can't, and much more different features. Hope this helps! :) :) :) :) :) :)

What are three features that make science different from other human endeavors?

pinga stupid

What makes a place different from other places?

Culture, People's living, Physical and geography features makes one place different from other places. =Edited by TerroooBlade22

What does the i mean in car models?

It means different things to different manufacturers. Could be referring to a trim or performance package, or other features.

What are a dolphins special features that makes them different form other animals?

Sonar for one thing

When did humans chimpanzees and other apes begin to evolve different features?

2.4million yrs ago

What features are shown on a physical map?

There are many different physical features shown on maps. These features include country, state, and city borders. They also include landforms such as mountains, oceans, harbors, airports, and other such physical features.

How the features of mainframes and minicomputers are different from each other?

what are the features of minicomputers? 1) they are midieum in size 2)they were used in the olden days 3)they work fast

How does earth geological features affect the ability of organisms to live in different places?

Earth geological features affect the ability of organisms to live in different places because the temperatures change. Since animals and other organisms have different requirements to live, they have to live in different places.

Do Friesan cows have unique individual markings?

Yes they do! Just like humans have different facial and body features to make them distinguishable from other humans, cows have different markings, facial and body features that make them distuingishable from other cows, no matter what breed or type they are.

What animals can break down rocks?

The animales that break down rock are moles and earth worms and any other animale that can dig

What are other features of a cobra?

there other features are to kill and eat mongooses.

Does this combo machine feature a calories burnt counter?

Yes the machine features a calories burnt counter and other features such as different resistance levels and workout programs.

How do you distinguish between man made features and physical features on maps?

In most cases man made features will be dictated on a map by the use of a legend. A legend on a map usually shows different features in relation to symbols, and describes distances, heights, and other necessary features to the viewer.