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embryo, seed coat, stored food,and endosperm but that's not really the main part so don't listen to me.


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Seed coat, embryo and endosperm are three main parts of a seed.

embryo, seed coat, Endosperm

The seed Coating, Endosperm and Embryo


1. Seed coat, 2. Endosperm and 3. Embryo are three parts of a seed. The seed coat protects the inner parts of the seed; The endosperm nourishes the developing embryo and the embryo on germination develops in to a new plant.

The parts of a seed are the plumule and the radicle

The three parts of a seed are the food supply, seed coat, and embryo

Three main parts of a seed are the endosperm, the embryo, and the seed coat.

The different parts of the seed are the embryo, the seed coat, and stored food.

The main parts of a seed are the seed coat, cotyledons, the embryo, and the Endosperm,stored food.

Coat ,Embryo and Stored food .

Parts of plant that are NOT common to plants are: 1. flowers 2. fruits 3. seed

A seed has three main parts. The parts of a seed are the seed coat which protects the seed. The endosperm helps the seed grow when it is first planted. The embryo which is made up of three different parts such as the cotyledon and the primary root.

Parts of a seed required to produce a new plant are:embryo, endosperm and seed coat. The embryo is the little plant in embryonic state.the parts of a seed are the:cotyledon,epicotyl,hypocotyl,

"The three main parts of a seed is an embryo, the cotyledon, and the seedcoat."

The three main parts of a seed is an embryo, the cotyledon, and the seedcoat

Seed coat, embryo and endosperm

the part of the mango seed are seed coat protect the the food.hilum ,radicle.

vascualr tissues , pollen , & seed to reproduce .

1 Seed=2 flower==3 leaves==4 stem==5 roots=

Seed coat, micropyle, endosperm and embryo are major parts of a seed. The seed coat protects, micropyle allows water to move in, endosperm nourishes the embryo and on germination a new plant emerges from the embryo.

A typical seed includes three basic parts, an embryo, a supply of nutrients for the embryo and a seed coat.

air ( this is the wrong answer) There are three important parts inside the seed that grow and turn into a plant. 1) the embryo, 2) the endosperm 3) the seed coat. These play a vital but very different role in the development of the seeds growth.

A dicot seed has a seed coat and an embryo containing a cotyledon, epicotyl, and hypocotyl. A monocot has a seed coat, endosperm, cotyledon, epicotyl, and a radicle.

seed coat ,embryo ,endosperm, cotyledon, and primary root

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