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US Civil War

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What goal united the Democrats in the South in the late 1800s

Which term refers to the condition of workers who could never afford to pay what they owed to a company store

What was meant by the term scalawag in the South

What did southerners who were for redemption want

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Q: What are 3 similarities between antebellum era democrats and gilded age democrats?
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One important difference between democrats and republicans during the gilded age was that?

Democrats tended to favor a laissez-faire goverment.

What was the one issue on which there was a clear cut divisions between Democrats and Republicans in the Gilded Age?

The Tariff.

What was an important difference between democrats and republicans during the gilded age?

The Republicans were in mroe power than the Democrats at the time. Keegan is silly.

Did the democrats want higher or lower tariffs during the Gilded Age?

A lower tariff

During the gilded age republicans and democrats held differing view on what?

gold standard and government aid to business.

When was the time period Gilded Age?

The time period of the Gilded Age is defined to be between 1877 and 1913. Another way of explaining this would be between the American Civil War and the passing of the 16 Amendment.

What characterized politics during the gilded age?

Politics in the gilded age were under non-controversial due to a political stalemate between the Republican and Democratic parties.

How do you say 'gilded' in Bulgarian?

v (gilded, gilded, gilt) позлатявам, варакосвам

Why was there such a great divide between the rich and the poor gilded age?

There difference with money

How were airplanes important to the gilded age?

There were no airplanes in 'the gilded age'.

When was The Gilded Man created?

The Gilded Man was created in 1942.

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