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kill jews

Only wanted pepople with blond hair

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Who was Hitler the dictator for?

Hitler was the German dictator.

What type of dictator was Hitler?

Hitler was a fascist dictator.

Is Hitler a dictator?

He was a dictator, yes.

Was Hitler elected or was he a dictator?

Hitler was both elected and was a dictator. In the late 1920s and early 1930s Hitler created the nazi party. He promised things such as jobs for everyone and eventually gained enough support to be elected.

When did Hitler become a Dictator?

Hitler becomed dictator after Hindenburg died in 1934.

When did Hitler become dictator?

Adolf Hitler became the German dictator in 1933.

What if Hitler wasnt a dictator?

Technically, Hitler wasn't a dictator because he was elected.

Was Adolf Hitler the dictator?

Yes he was a dictator.

Was hitler a dictator-?

Yes, Hitler was a dictator who established control over Nazi Germany.

Who was the dictator before Hitler?

Before Hitler, Hindenburg was the president of Germany, although he is not regarded as a dictator.

Was Hitler a total dictator?

Yes, a dictator for life.

Was Hitler a dictator of Russia?

Adolf Hitler was the Nazi dictator of Germany. Josef Stalin was the Communist dictator of the Soviet Union (that includes Russia).

Was Adolf Hitler a president or a dictator?

Adolf Hitler was a dictator. He considered himself Fuhrer and Chancellor of Germany.

How was Hitler able to become dictator?

he just declared he was dictator

Was Adolf Hitler a German dictator?

Yes Adolf was a dictator

Was Hitler a dictator or a murderer?

in my opinion he was both. but mostly a dictator then a murderer

Was Adolf Hitler a successful dictator?

Yes, he was definitely a successful dictator.

What dictators were in allies and axis powers?

allie dictator was stalon dictator of Russia, the axis dictator was Hitler

Who is more famous Homer Simpson or adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler is more famouse because of things he done as an Dictator of the Nazi Germany Third Reich.

How long was Adolf Hitler a dictator?

Hitler took power in 1934 but didnt really become a "dictator" til about 36 or 37.

Who became dictator of Germany in 1933?

Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany in 1933

Was the Fuhrer a dictator in Germany?

Yes. Hitler, known as the Fuhrer, was an absolute dictator.

What country was Binto Mussolini the dictator of?

He was the fascist dictator of Italy and a friend of Hitler.

Who was the famous leader that was a dictator?

One famous leader who was a dictator was Adolf Hitler.

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