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Q: What are 3 ways to induce an electric current in a wire?
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What can induce an electrical current in a wire?

A magnetic field can induce an electrical current in a wire.

Where do electric generators direct the current they induce?

An electric generator generates the current by moving a coil of wire through a magnetic field. This is normally in the inner mechanisms of the device.

Can you make electicity from a magnet?

Yes, magnets are spun rapidly inside coils of wire to induce an electric current within the wire, this is the basic principal of an electricity generator.

What is a magnetic created when electric current flows through a coil of wire?

Nothing is ever created, however, Electricity is INDUCED. The process is interchangeable, so if you pass a current through the wire you have a magnetic field (electromagnetism)lol.-originalposter- When you pass a magnet through a coil of wire, you induce an electric current. Also, if you move the coil instead you get the same result.-norman

Electric current in a metal conductor is carried by?

Electric current in a metal conductor is carried by a wire. This wire has been specifically adapted to carry this current.

Why electric current across a wire drops?

Electric current does not drop. Electric voltage, however, drops across a wire because the wire has non-zero resistance. (Do not confuse electric current with electric voltage - they are not the same.)The reason current does not drop is that, in a series circuit, according to Kirchoff's current law, the current at every point in a series circuit is the same.

How does electromagnetic induction produce induced current?

Before you can understand how electrical energy is supplied by your electric company, you need to know how it is produced. A magnet and a conductor, such as a wire, can be used to induce a current in the conductor. The key is motion. An electric current is induced in a conductor when the conductor moves through a magnetic field. Generating an electric current from the motion of a conductor through a magnetic field is called electromagnetic induction. Current that is generated in this way is called induced current. To induce a current in a conductor, either the conductor can move through the magnetic field or the magnet itself can move.

What is produced when a magnetic field moves relative to a closed wire loop?

Faraday says you will induce a current in the wire.

What are three ways electromagnet and a permanent are the same?

both are magnetic, both can be used to produce an electric current if around a wire

Moving a magnet in and out of a coil of wire produces?

That will induce a voltage across the wire.

What is a wire that moves electric current with no resistance?

Its called a superconducting wire.

When a electric current flows through a wire it creates a?

When an electrical current flows through a wire it creates what is called an Electro Magnetic Field.A magnetic field is create when an electric current flows through a wire.