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Q: What are 4 symbols of the book A Wind in the Door?
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What is the hidden message in 39 clues book 4?

The symbols in the middle of the book translate "Alistair was there the night they died."

Symbols of the holy spirit?

There are 4 symbols of the Holy spirit: 1.Fire - represents courage and zeal; 2.Dove- represents peace and purity; 3.Wind- silence and calmness; and 4. Water- Life.

Does MINI make regular 4-door sedans?

No, what you probably saw was a Bentley. The symbols look very much alike.

Was toad of toad hall in the book Wind in the willows?

Yes, he was one of the 4 main charecters

What do the door code symbols look like on Shark Tooth Island?

The symbols you need to press on the teeth are the ones for the letters O-P-E-N. Considering the teeth as one row of seven, left to right, the teeth are the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th. The symbols are #3 - triangle down, #4 - box eight, #6 - square backward L, and #7 - maze. Press all 4 and then the nose to open the door.

How do you find an electrical wiring diagram for a 97 geo metro 4 door?

the electrical diagram is in the book... buy a service manual or a chilton's book

What are the 4 types of map symbols?

what are the 4 oceans

How many text symbols are there?


Does the faerie door have a sequel?

Yes it does, sir? Sadly the book hasn't come out yet and i;ve read the first book 4 TIMES! hope i helped bai

What is the speaker size for 2001 Honda civic 4 door sedan?

i dont know, read a book fool :P

What is the code for the door on Poptropica?

On Poptropica's Shark Tooth Island, the letters BOQNSPE are letter equivalents to the ancient symbols on the face door in the ruins.You have to press the 4 teeth that spell "open"(then the nose) to unlock the door. The translation page is on top of the ruins, and you can get it by climbing the vine and jumping left from the platform.

What other objects could be symbols of the Holy Spirit?

Dove (Luke III:22), Living Water (John VII:37-39), Wind (Acts II:2-4) and Fire (Acts II:3-4).

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