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Alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray, neutron.

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Q: What are 5 different types of radiation and which are the most dangerous?
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What types of radiation should you be worried about?

The most dangerous type of radiation is Nuclear radiation which is the one that should be most worried about.

Which type of radiation is most dangerous if it's inhaled or swallowed?

alpha radiation

What are the three types of radiation emitted from plutonium?

Isotopes of plutonium emit different types of radiation. For the most common isotope, plutonium-239: alpha particles and neutrons from spontaneous fission.

What radiation is most dangerous outside the body?

the most dangerous radiation outside your body mostly consists of human disposal waste which smells. Arkenales and gamma are the most dangerous, and have a high percentage of harmful toxins.

What type of radiation is probably the most dangerous to humans?

Externally, gamma radiation is dangerous because it can penetrate the body. Alpha is most dangerous if ingested.

What is the most dangerous type of radiation to humans?

gamma rays

Is fukushimas radiation dangerous for the people of California?

Other than Japan most countries haven't been majorly affected by radiation at dangerous levels.

From Where does the energy carried by an EM wave come?

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is a name for different types of radiation. Most radiation comes from the sun. Want more info?

World's most dangerous ants?

in the world there are over 14000 different types of ants and 9876 are deadly

What form of radiation is the most penatrating?

Gamma rays are by far the most penetrating of the three types of radiation.

For what purpose are most telescope designed?

most telescopes are used to collect and focus on different types of electromagnetic radiation from stars. Including visible light

What type of radiation do nuclear weapons emit?

Nuclear weapons emit nuclear radiation, with gamma radiation being the most common and dangerous.