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Q: What are 5 major mountains in Panama?
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Related questions

What are major land forms of Panama?

Panama is an isthmus. It has mountains, islands, rivers, and swamps. It also has the Panama Canal.

What is the geography of Panama?

Panama is an isthmus. Panama has mountains, rivers, swamps and coastline.

Does panama have the Andes mountains?

No the Panama does not have the Andes Mountain.

What are the land features of Panama?

Panama has some mountains, volcanoes, islands, and the Panama Canal.

How many mountains are in panama?

There are 9,373,547,748,432 mountain forms in panama

What are some major cities in Panama?

Panama City is the most major cities in Panama. Panama City is the capital.

Name 5 major mountains in the US?

The Rockies, the Appalachian mountains, Sierra Nevada mountains, the Cascade Range, and the Coast Ranges.

Major bodies of water in panama?

The Panama Canal and the Isthmus of Panama.

Major landforms in panama?

panama canal:)

What are the major landforms in Panama?

the panama canal

What are the major product import in Panama?

A major product that is imported from Panama are Medical Products.

Does panama has any mountains?

yes yes

What separates the two major ecozones in the Western Hemisphere?

The Isthmus of Panama

What are two major cities in panama?

Panama city and Balboa

What are major the cities in panama?

Panama City the capital and Colon.

What is a major city in Panama besides Panama City?


What kind of physical features does panama have?

Well, there is the panama canal, and there are around 500 rivers, and Many mountains/ranges.

What are the major mountains in Illinois?

There are no major mountains in Illinois.

What are the 5 themes of geography for Panama?

What are the 5 themes of geograhy for panama

What physical landforms the Panama Canal located on?

mountains Or hills <3 that's not true its Mountains :)

What are two of the major cities in Panama?

Panama City San Miguelito

What is panama's three major cities?

Panama City, David and Chitre

What are some major religions of panama?

Catholic religions are available in Panama.

What is the human feature of panama?

one of the human features of panama is that there is a railroad in the middle of panamas rainforest. a other one is that the currency is balboa and the mountains .also the canal in the middle of panama called the panama canal.

What are the major rivers in panama?

Panama has many major rivers.. They are Chepo, Chucunque, Santa Maria, Tuira.