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  1. To find the meaning of a word
  2. To find the pronunciation of a word
  3. To find a word's part(s) of speech
  4. To find alternate meanings of a word
  5. To check the spelling of a word
  6. To get basic information on the origins of a word
  7. To find antonyms and synonyms (if applicable) of a word
  8. To see the word used in an example
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  1. Definitions
  2. Pronunciations
  3. Synonyms
  4. Antonyms
  5. Parts of speech
  6. Word origins
  7. Proper noun usage
  8. Spelling and hyphenation guide
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What are 8 uses of dictionary and

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Uses of dictionary

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Q: What are 8 uses of a dictionary?
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30 uses of dictionary?


What is book bank and its uses?

dictionary and its uses is can give solution

What is the abbervation your dictionary uses for intransitive verbs?

Most dictionaries, including the Oxford Enlish Dictionary, Chambers Dictionary and Collins Dictionary, abbreviate intransitive verb as vi.

What are uses of Oxford Dictionary?

To spell, and to find meanings

Dictionary of chemical formulas with uses?

polyurethane rigid foam

What is a sentence that uses miscellaneous?

john found miscellaneous in the dictionary

What reference source in which all uses of a word can be found is..... 1. a book of synonyms and antonyms 2. a book on the history of language 3. a grammar 4. an unabridged dictionary?

an unabridged dictionary

What is the dictionary in Microsoft Excel used for?

It contains the words that the spell checker uses for checking for errors. You can add new words to the dictionary.

What is a reportive definition?

-basic -uses a term -standard -dictionary definitions

What are some of the uses of a word dictionary?

A word dictionary contains the meaning of many words. Depending on the brand of dictionary, it can have diagrams, pictures, example sentences and more to help explain the word meaning.

What attack occurs when a hacker uses programs that try a combination of a user ID and every word in a dictionary to gain access to the network?

Dictionary attack

Where is the last word in the Y section of the dictionary?

The last word in the Y section of the dictionary is "y-8 aircraft."