What are CD and DVD burners?

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CD & DVD burners are optical drives that can write data to CDs or DVDs.

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Q: What are CD and DVD burners?
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Can you make a CD on a CD drive and not on a DVD drive?

DVD-Burners are backward compatible. They can also be used to burn CD's. There have also been made a lot of varieties of DVD players that can burn CD's but not DVD's.

How do you save a video onto a disc?

There are numerous applications that allow users to burn files to discs. Some free ones include: CD Burner XP (, List of Free CD/DVD Burners (, and another List of Free CD/DVD Burners (

Do MacBooks have DVD burners?

Yes Macbooks have DVD burners.

What is the fastest CD-R/DVD-R combo drive available?

The fast est drives burn cds at 52x and the fastest DVD burners do 24x.There are dozens of 24x burners and all burn cds at 52x.

Where can one find CD disc burners?

Dedicated CD disc burners aren't easy to come by. They have been replaced with more recent technology in the form of DVD burners and Blu-Ray burners. However, these devices are backwards compatible with CD discs and will provide the required functionality. Therefore, one can visit a local electronics store to buy a more recent device and be able to use it to burn CD discs.

What are some brands of external cd dvd drives?

Some of the brands of external CD and/or DVD drives and burners are Samsung, Iomega, LG Electronics, Plextor, Lite-On, Hewlett-Packard , Buslink and LaCie.

Where do you find DVD burners for TV?

You don't, DVD burners come on desktop computers/laptops

How many watts does a DVD burner use?

From what I understand, a typical DVD Burner will consume 25-30 watts during a peak burn cycle.This does not include Blue-Ray burners. CD burners will be about 5-15 watts lower.

How Do CD Burners Work?

For a comprehensive article on how CD burners work please go to:

What are CD DVD writers?

They are devices which you can use to write data on CD or DVDs. You can of course read the data they have. They are called as well CD/DVD burners, because the "burn" the discs. Note: The CD/DVDs you want to write must be writable, or else you won't be able to write on them.

DVD burners without a computer?

One of the best places to buy stand alone dvd burners is the website offer easy to install dvd burners at very affordable prices.

Can all DVD burners write CDs?

Yes, all DVD burners have the ability to write CDs and DVDs.

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