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Brown diamonds are one of many 'shades' of colored diamonds. Other colored diamonds, also called "fancy diamonds," include pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, red and orange.

Some brown diamonds can be referred as chocolate diamonds, based on the intensity of their colour.

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Although colored diamonds were once considered undesirable, they have become very popular amongst those looking for an alternative to conventional white diamonds.

Some colored diamonds gained commercial names over the years thus having multiple names which actually mean (more or less) the same thing.

For example: yellow diamonds are also known as Canary Diamonds (even though usually canary diamonds describe a diamond of a pure, strong yellow color). Some brown diamonds are described as chocolate diamonds.

NB: The words Chocolate Diamonds is a wordmark owned by Le Vian Corporation as a registered trademark. This wordmark covers "Jewelry, watches, timepieces, jewelry watches, jewelry chains, jewelry pins, jewelry amulets and jewelry rings all made in whole or in part of diamonds."

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Chocolate diamonds are also known as brown diamonds. They are formed naturally due to high pressure under the earth. The reasons they are referred to as chocolate diamonds is due to the reduced glimmer and are rated very low on the grading chart. Chocolate diamonds are definitely more affordable than white diamonds.

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Q: What are chocolate diamonds?
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Are chocolate diamonds made from actual chocolate?

No, they are diamonds. They are called chocolate diamonds because of their brown color.

Does chocolate contain diamonds?

No form of chocolate contains diamonds.

Are chocolate diamonds the same as regular diamonds?

'Regular diamonds' are diamonds described without colour. 'Chocolate diamonds' are brown diamonds that include a description of the colour.

Are chocolate diamonds real diamonds?


Where in Kentucky are chocolate diamonds found?

Kentucky is not known for its raw diamonds, chocolate or otherwise.

Are chocolate diamonds actually made out of chocolate?

No. Chocolate diamonds are made from carbon, like all colours of diamonds. The name just comes from the color and there is no cocoa inside them.

How rare are chocolate diamonds?

Brown diamonds are not rare, but diamonds are rare.

What do chocolate diamonds look like?

Faceted, finished brown diamonds are simply diamonds within that colour range. Chocolate diamonds are an intense brown colour.

Is a chocolate diamond manmade?

No. Natural chocolate diamonds are made by Mother Nature in a way that gives them their chocolate colour. However, there are man-made chocolate diamonds.

Is chocolate diamonds man made?

Brown diamonds are the most common of coloured diamonds found. Chocolate is simply the name of one of the shades of natural brown diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are generally 'white' diamonds.

Are chocolate diamonds natural or manufactured?

'Chocolate diamonds' are named thus because this shade of brown diamond is the colour of chocolate. Some brown diamonds are natural diamonds; some brown diamonds are manufactured diamonds. A gemologist will help you determine the source of your brown diamond. Manufactured diamonds are always less expensive than natural diamonds with similar characteristics.

Who sells chocolate diamonds?

What I have heard is Jared. Jared's is supposedly the ONLY legal distributor of chocolate diamonds.

Where do they find chocolate diamonds?

All diamonds are found in the earth.

Where are chocolate diamonds mined in Africa?

'Chocolate diamonds' is a trade name for brown diamonds. Brown diamonds are the most common colour of gem-quality diamonds found everywhere on earth except Europe and Antarctica.

Where are Levian Chocolate Diamonds mined?

Levian Chocolate Diamonds are mined in the Argyle mine of Western Australia. The Diamonds are only found in that mine. This is why they are pretty expensive.

How do they make chocolate diamonds?

Mother Earth fabricates chocolate diamonds from carbon. Abnormalities in the formation of these diamonds cause the brown colour. They, in this case, is Mother Nature.

Are chocolate diamonds more expensive than regular diamonds?

No, chocolate diamonds are usually less expensive than regular -- white -- diamonds, given equal cut, clarity and carat weight.

Are chocolate diamonds natural?


Does JCPenney sell chocolate diamonds?

I don't think so. Chocolate Diamonds are only on special occasions. Keep looking though!

Who is woman in le vian chocolate diamonds commercial?

Actress Donna Murphy does the voice over for the Le Vian chocolate diamonds commercial.

Are chocolate diamonds brown in color?

Yes, every shade of brown that you can imagine is available in the different colours of brown diamonds, including chocolate.

Do discount stores carry chocolate diamonds?

some do but the diamonds are probably fake unless you no how to tell if diamonds are real

Are Chocolate Diamonds a good buy?

Since Chocolate Diamonds brand of natural fancy brown diamonds are the higher color and clarity range of such stones and are mainly found in one location, they are much rarer than the white diamonds. Therefore the supply is much tighter than that of white diamonds. As more and more people hear about these delicious diamonds and crave them, their prices are bound to increase.

Where chocolate diamonds come from?

Brown diamonds are the most common of coloured diamonds. 'Chocolate' is simply one of the words used to describe a specific shade of brown diamond. All diamonds are formed deep within the earth's mantle.

Are chocolate diamonds worth as much as clear diamonds?

Some chocolate diamonds are mined in Australia and comparatively, they cost less than clear diamonds. Diamonds are graded by what is commonly referred to as the three c's. Cut, Colour and Clarity. The better the cut, colour (rather clearer and not included) and clarity the more expensive the diamond will become.