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What are ETFs?

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ETF stands for exchange traded funds. It is a portfolio of stocks or bonds that is sold to investors on open exchanges. The investor purchases these shares through a broker. ETFs are often inexpensive and are generally indexed to a particular published benchmark. They are not mutual funds however. Unlike mutual funds, when the investor buys a share in an ETF, the portfolio does not change. The price of the ETF or net asset value (NAV) can be found throughout the trading day.

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Where on the internet could I find a list of healthcare etfs?

To find a list of healthcare ETFs, Morningstar gives a very comprehensive list. The list not only gives the names of healthcare ETFs, but it also shows the ETFs performance ratings.

A Handy Guide to Understanding Oil ETF Catagories?

Investors can choose from oil ETFs that offer investors many options.This selection of oil ETFs makes choosing oil ETF difficult for many investors. This seems to be true because it is difficult for some investors to determine how oil ETFs are organized by AMEX, COMEX and other leading securities markets.One way to resolve this problem is to understand how oil ETFs are organized. This is the case because securities markets use a simple process to categorize oil ETFs.To discover how this is possible, please read this list of the most commonly traded oil ETFs that you can use to learn how oil ETFs are categorized.Some oil ETFs are categorized by the oil products that are represented by the ETF.For example, there are several oil ETFs that are tied to crude oil. There are also several oil ETFs that are tied to heating oil interests. These oil ETFs are traded separately because they are marketed in different ways to consumersOther oil ETFs feature the stocks of oil companies that develop new sources of oil.These ETFs allow investors to buy shares in bundles of stocks that are issued by companies that develop and locate new sources of oil. These ETFs are usually traded on the AMEX and the New York Stock Exchanges. Since they are traded on these stock exchanges, investors can find more information about these ETFs by asking their stock brokers for more details.Finally, investors can also buy oil ETFs that focus on oil options.These oil ETFS allow investors to bundle their investments to purchase oil options such as calls and puts for a variety of oil-related securities. These ETFs are believed to carry a greater risk of loss because they require investors to know how to purchase oil options successfully to make money on these ETFs.For more details about other oil ETFs, please visit a licensed financial adviser.Many financial advisers have experience buying and selling oil ETFs. Moreover, many financial advisers have comprehensive lists of oil ETFs available for research purposes. As a result, be sure to call a licensed financial adviser near you for more details about oil ETFs.

Where can one find a list of all gold ETFs in Europe?

One can find information such as all gold ETFs in Europe on interactive Brokers, or on Financial Times. These information databases contain the most recent information on gold ETFs.

Which websites carry information on currency ETFs?

Currency ETFs stands for currency exchange-traded funds. contains a full list of currency ETFs, which are split into sub sections.

Which websites have details on Treasury Bond ETFs?

A good place to go and learn about Treasury Bond ETFs would be You can learn a little more about them here but it's always best to consult with your personal financial advisor and have them guide you.

Does royal bank action direct offer drips on etf's?

RBC Action Direct offers DRIPs on some ETFs, but on Claymore ETFs, you can DRIP all their ETFs regardless of brokerage firm. Need to just call brokerage firm and enroll

Where can I find a complete list of U.S. ETFs?

The Stock Encyclopedia has a list of all ETFs broken down into categories:

What is the best ETFS for a home loan?

ETFs is an abbreviation for Exchange Trade Funds. This has nothing to do with home mortgages or loans. This is something that has to do with the buying and selling of stocks.

Why would one invest in a Copper ETF?

In the current economy, Copper ETFs are a reliable investment that will surely return on the investment. Copper ETFs are dependable and will not fail.

What are the best financial ETFs I should put my money into?

You can find a list of the best ETFs on the bloomberg site. You can also double check at other money sites.

What is the average cost of health etfs?

The average cost of health etfs is about 55 basis points. You can find more of this information at

What are the best biotech ETFs to invest in?

There are many biotech ETFs worth investing in. This includes PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals, First Trust Healthcare AlphaDEX and ProShares Ultra Healthcare.

Where can I find a listing of industrial sector etfs offered for purchase online?

Two websites are and › All ETFs › Stock ETFs. The second separates by industry. There are several websites listing industrial websites. One of the top websites is

Do stock brokers need to be well educated in commodity ETFS?

Well in order to become a stock broker you would need to have training in Finance all around, which includes Commodity ETFS. The commodity ETFS are exchange traded funds that can be purchased on US stock exchanges, which is part of a brokers job, nonetheless.

What does the acronym ETFS stand for?

The acronym ETFS stands for "Exchange Traded Fund(s)". Examples of these are financial markets, such as Index Shares, Exchange Traded Index Funds, and others of the like.

Who has the best list of bond etfs?

The best list of bond etfs is debatable, and you would be best off going through your local insurance agency or like places to figure out what is needed.

Where can I find a list of oil exchange traded funds that are offered for purchase online?

It doesn't look like you can buy into ETFs online. A Google search for "buy ETFs" doesn't give a single link to buy on the first two pages. All the results are investing strategy articles. You can't buy into ETFs online, apparently. You have to go to a broker. Here's an article about how to get started in oil ETFs:

How do I get into exchange traded funds?

The same places you can trade standard stocks you can also trade ETFs. I would do a lot of research first, as is the case with any investing. Learn all about ETFs, how they function, and the companies that offer them. Look into all of the stocks the ETFs purchases and make sure they're inline with your personal and financial principles.

What type of sector ETFs are doing well now?

Health section ETFs are doing well now. Its surge is driven by the current healthcare reforms and the senate's decision in passing the healthcare bills.

Which brokerage firm is the best in Boston to handle commodity ETFS?

The best borkerage firm in the Boston area to handle commodity ETFS would be the Boston Brokerage Group. They have high ratings online.

How do financial etfs perform when compared to stock investments?

Financial ETFs are Exchange Trade Funds, they are the same thing as stock investments. You will get different amounts back depending on how much you invest in what company.

What are the ticker symbols for India ETFs?

Powershares India Portfolio (ticker symbol PIN) and Wisdom Trees India Earnings Fund (ticker symbol EPI) are the two pure play India ETFs.

Are there any high dividend ETF's on the market right now?

Yes there are still ETFs that pay good dividends. There is a list available of the highest paying ETFs at

How has health etfs been effected since Obama's election?

Health etfs have been on the surge since the Obama's election. Health care bills are bound to be passed at the senate and it will provide another boost to the etfs. They are constantly under contruction and being changed at this point.Because of that there is no way to say if the impact has been positive or negative at this point right now.

What ETFs are based on stocks traded in India?

Powershares India Portfolio (ticker symbol PIN) and Wisdom Trees India Earnings Fund (ticker symbol EPI) are the two pure play India ETFs.