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Victor is disgusted with the way the monster is, because he expected the monster to be beautiful. He is also scared of the monster since he is treated like a slave in throughout the book.

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The creature has a great coat that he takes from Dr. Frankensteins laboratory. This is one instance in the story where I find the action unjustified for the mental maturity of the creature.

if he were real then yes but he is not and that is that

Frankenstein's creation is referred to as "the creature."

Elizabeth - but she didn't live past her wedding night. The creature killed her.

He got really scared of it and then Victor ran away from it.

In the book, the "Daemon" was not evil. He was merely maligned according to human prejudices by his origins and appearance.

He wished Frankenstein to make him a mate, a female creature just as ugly and deformed as himself.~

Creature finds FrankensteinCreature relates the story of the family in the cottagethe creature explains how it murdered frankensteins brothercreature asks Frankenstein to a companion for itThe Creature frightens an old man and is chased from a village.The Creature carefully observes a family in its cottage.The Creature murders Frankenstein's brother.The Creature asks Frankenstein to create a companion for it.

One of the themes of the book is 'Nature over Nurture' and it is illustrated rather bluntly that the monster became evil because of Dr. Frankenstein's neglect towards him. So the Dr. should have been responsible for raising the creature he created.

What do you think are frankensteins motives

Frankensteins of Fraud was created in 2000.

Frankensteins of Fraud has 386 pages.

The Creature had a free will and a desire to be free. The real "monster" in Frankenstein was the doctor who created him as he became obsessed with controlling that which was impossible to control.

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In the woods near the town where Victor's family resided.

If you are sure about sincerity of your feelings and his feelings towards you go ahead with it.

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Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein, Frankensteins parents, Elizabeth, Henry Clerval, and frankensteins monster

Frankenstein would be the colour of the average inhabitant of Switzerland. You have perhaps confused Frankenstein with Frankensteins Creature. The creature is often portrayed as being green, which is not how he is described in the book. You could imagine he would have the colour of a recently deceased person. A sort of pallid, watery complexion.

Personally, I am awed and humbled by it.

his feelings with the gods is mostly agrueing with the council but pull when in need

No, she does not show any feelings towards him.

ghouls, frankensteins, slime

No Frankenstein did not have a brain .

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