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Georgia's Seven Deadly Sins: Automatic Transfer of Youth to Adult Court 

In 1994, the Georgia General Assembly passed Senate Bill 440 (SB 440) which gives the Superior/Adult court exclusive jurisdiction over youth ages 13 to 17 who have been arrested for one of seven violent offenses, otherwise known as the "Seven Deadly Sins." These crimes include: murder, rape, armed robbery (with a firearm), aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and voluntary manslaughter. Since the passage of this bill eleven years ago, there have been approximately 3500 arrests of young people for one of the SB 440 offenses. However, just because a youth is arrested for one of the Seven Deadly Sins does not mean s/he will be tried in the adult system as prior to indictment, the Superior Court exercises prosecutorial discretion on which court, if any, the case ultimately will be heard.

The Georgia Public Defense Standards Council (GPDSC) and the Governor's Children and Youth Coordinating Council (CYCC), are the two primary agencies that report and track SB 440 cases. To date, however, the only tracking information collected is the arrest itself. There is, unfortunately, no central source for dispositional information on what happened to the youth once s/he was arrested for one of the Seven Deadly Sins or on the outcome of the case itself. Hence, this poster session includes arrest trends and offenses by race, gender, age and county (urban v. rural) from 1994 to 2004 for those youth affected by this bill.

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Q: What are Georgia 7 deadly sins?
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