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they often look like briks around curtains i have seen one

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โˆ™ 2009-04-16 13:32:59
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Q: What are Gypsies homes like?
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The mobile home of the gypsies?

Mobile homes of gypsies are called Vardo.

Are gypsys tidy?

We can't generalise all gypsies, just like people who live in houses some of their homes will be a wreck and others will have immaculate homes.

Do gypsies go place to place?

They have a reputation for moving, but many have homes that are permanent.

Where do gypsies go?

There are Gypsies in many countries around the world, where they usually live all their lives. They are a traveling people, but many now reside in permanent homes. There are very few gypsy caravans (Vardies) presently, and for those who exist, most have cars or motor homes.

Who did the Nazi not like?

Jews and gypsies.

Did the gypsies invented musical instrument?

Um... No. Instruments were invented WAY before there were gypsies. Like in the Neolithic Era or something, but definitely hundreds of years before gypsies were around.

Do gypsies wear red?

If they feel like it, yes.

What do the gypsies live in?

Usually vardo (they are like trailers, or caravans).

What is a group of gypsies?

A store of gypsies, or possible a caravan or family of gypsies

Are gypsies Christian?

There are alot that are. Me and my fiance are. My Roma family are. Its just like everyone else that arent gypsies. Different families have different beliefs.

How were the gypsis treated?

a Lot of Gypsies where shot on site for just being Gypsies others where sent to concentration camps and like the Jews murdered, a very good film of gypsies in ww2 is ( when the violin stops playing )

Are there albanian gypsy?

Sure there is. Gypsies (Romani) are spread all over Europe. There are every possible European person that could be part of Romani descent; Serbian Gypsies, Bulgarian Gypsies, Greek Gypsies, Turkish Gypsies, Arabic Gypsies (Domari;Middle Eastern Gypsies), Italian Gypsies, you name it.

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