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she BELIEVs that it can only a solution to become development country

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Do you like Hillary Clinton?

Whether someone likes Hillary Clinton or does not like her is a matter of personal preference. People who have the same political beliefs tend to like her.

What are Hillary Clinton's political beliefs?

Hillary Clinton is a Democrat who supports Medicare, Social Security, gun control, and abortion. She supports the death penalty but does not support same sex marriage.

Did Hillary Clinton file bankruptcy?

No. Hillary Clinton has never filed bankruptcy.You may be referring to a financial regulation Hillary Clinton voted for, nicknamed the bankruptcy bill. Hillary Clinton helped stop it as First Lady, but voted for it as a senator in return for other political considerations.

What political office did hillary Clinton held?

US senator

The political party to which Hillary Clinton belongs is?

Democratic Party

What did Hillary Clinton study in Wellesley College?

Political science

Where did Hillary Clinton live?

Where did hillary clinton live did hillary clinton have any acomplishments

Where did Hillary Clinton go to law school?

Hillary Clinton attended Wellesley College and majored in political science. She then attended Yale Law School to become a lawyer.

What political offices does john Kerry hold?

I think he replaces Hillary Clinton

When date did Hillary Clinton gratuate?

Hillary graduated in the year 1969 in Bachelor of Arts, with departmental honors in political science.

What is Hillary Clinton interested in?

Hillary Clinton is from Chicago Illlinois

Where is Hillary Clinton from?

Hillary Clinton origin is in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is beter Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton

When did Hillary Clinton die and where?

Hillary Clinton is still alive.

Is Hillary Clinton a Republican or Democrat?

Hillary Clinton is a Democrat.

Is Hillary Clinton the worst Democratic presidential hopeful in American political history?


What other political office has hillary Clinton had in her career?

US Senator, Secretary of State.

How many delegates does Hillary Clinton have?

how many delegates does hillary clinton have

What religion does Hillary Clinton practice?

Hillary Clinton does not believe in religion.

What is the position of Hillary Clinton?

Currently, Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton is the secretary of?

Hillary Clinton is the U.S. Secretary of State.

What is the designation of Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is a man with the occupation of a lumberjack

Is Hillary Rodam Clinton Jewish?

Hillary Rodam Clinton is not Jewish. Mrs. Clinton is a United Methodist.

How does political experience help Hillary Clinton?

It helps her by doing and saying things to help her get elected

Hillary Clinton place of birht?

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois.