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One of Hinduism beliefs when they die they move onto a place called Summerland.

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The practice of Hindu beliefs is Hinduism!!!! If you need more info, go to a encyclopedia and look up Hindu!!!

the semnoles belifes were to go to the food and shaare and if you dont you will die and will never go rfd

Answer #1:Not much. That they believe in God/Gods and that they will go to Heaven(or any other name) when they die.=================================Comment #1 on Answer #1:I suspect that Answer #1 has misrepresented at least 3 of the 6.

I am not sure that many people go against their beliefs but think that Quakers, like others, will sometimes change their beliefs and behave in ways that previously would have been unlikely.

The caste system used to go by what career you aspired, but now it changed to be a bit racist. Hinduism does not justify the caste system, and caste system is now illegal in india. It is more of a social/cultural thing than a religious custom.

Hungarians bury their dead. As far as spiritual beliefs are concerned, that would depend on the religion of the individual. Hungary has a number of different religions practiced within its borders, though the most popular is Christianity. Therefore, most Hungarians would hope they were going to go to heaven when they die.

Hinduism is very Ancient Religion. It is a direct Religion by go, not man made. It is said that Hinduism will never extinct.

Primarily Hinduism is worshipped at their homes. Or some people might go to Temple to worship God in Hinduism.

They believed that when people die, their spirits will go to another world.

Hinduism does not eat beef. if you go into a smaller part of Hinduism eg. jainism they do not eat any meat, fish and ground vegetables

Hinduism was founded more than 10000 years ago. According to Mythology of Hinduism it is even Ancient Religion.

the place of worship in hinduism is called Temple. People go to Temple to pray.

I wouldn't think so. My Pentecostal beliefs wouldn't stop me from getting a treatment if it would improve my health, I would pray about it, and if God was for it, I'd go for it, but if He was against the idea, I would know that there was something better he had in mind for me. So, if my beliefs are anything like his, the Pentecostal beliefs are not what would stop him.

Christians can worship anywhere, as it is a belief, and beliefs are everywhere. Though, often Christians would gather at a church as a focal worshipping area. In their own household each believer would worship their beliefs just as common as in a church.

Muslims believe evil people go to hell after they die, but if they truly repent and are sorry for their actions before they die they will be forgiven

Culture, religion, or maybe intimidation on the battle field would be my guesses. Or beliefs, but that would go with culture.

The basic beliefs of Christianity are that Jesus Christ, the son of God, came to earth to die for people's sins. If people believe in God/Jesus and are truly sorry for their sins then they will go to heaven.

that their souls would go to another body and start their life over again.

That depends on YOUR beliefs and religion. I would go with what most people believe.

Yes, there is. -- Go to the category of "Religion and Spirituality"; -- Then choose the sub-category called "Eastern Religions"; -- You will then see "Hinduism" under "Eastern Religions."

Didn't we answer this question already? In terms of number of adherents, the order is 1) Christianity; 2) Islam; 3) Hinduism; 4) Buddhism; 5) Taoism; 6) Animist and Dynamist beliefs.

certainly, followers of Hinduism participate in many pilgrimages. Mainly Hindu go to India for pilgrimage.

The church controlled everything in daily lives, let alone beliefs. They controlled beliefs mainly on the principle of Hell. If someone was threatened to go to Hell, or if they were given the opportunity to go to Heaven. They would take it without question. The crusades is a perfect example of this

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