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What are Human Resource Practices?


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February 23, 2011 4:25PM

Human resource practices include:

1) Recruitment, hiring and firing: From the job advertisement to the application, interviewing and on-boarding process, through the final exit interview, the HR department is involved, and in fact, typically handles most of these tasks in their entirety.

2) Compensation and benefits: While the CEO, CFO and others may set pay and benefit terms, the HR or human resource department is typically responsible for managing employee pay and benefit administration.

3) Training and development: Although often overlooked, and sometimes neglected when budgets get tight, the human resource department should be providing employees with testing, training and growth opportunities to improve skills and performance.

4) Rewards and motivation" Another common human resource practice is the creation and management of employee reward programs. These could be certificates, plaques, cash gifts, or simply a call-out in the company newsletter or announcements. The purpose of this HR practice is to recognize and reward high levels of employee achievement, while boosting morale.

5) Employee services and support: Whether it's a counseling program or a referral to an outside specialist, many HR departments also function as resource centers for employees dealing with problems on the job or at home.

6) Employee recordkeeping: Legal requirements for employee files and records mean that the human resource department must also maintain extensive records on new, current and past employees.