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Q: What are Kris allen's live like we're dying sales and album sales so far?
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When di Kris Allens song Live Like We're Dying come out?

September 2009.

What is Kris allens email address?

What is Kris Allens religion?


What is Kris allens mom name?


What is Kris allens favorite color?

Green orange

Who was Kris Allens parents?

Kim and Neil Allen.

When is Kris Allens birthday?

Kris Allen's birthday is on June 21st , 1985. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kris Allen ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the name of Kris Allens parents?

kim and neil Allen

When is Kris allens wifes birthday?

July 9, 1986

What is Kris Allens middle name?

His full name is Kristopher Neil Allen.

What is Kris allens official MySpace?

When was Kris Allen - album - created?

Kris Allen - album - was created on 2009-11-17.

When was Breakaway - Kris Kristofferson album - created?

Breakaway - Kris Kristofferson album - was created in 1974-12.

When was Full Moon - Kris Kristofferson album - created?

Full Moon - Kris Kristofferson album - was created in 1973-09.

When was Black Water - Kris Drever album - created?

Black Water - Kris Drever album - was created on 2006-10-23.

When was The Austin Sessions - Kris Kristofferson album - created?

The Austin Sessions - Kris Kristofferson album - was created on 1999-08-24.

Who has sold more albums Kris Allen or Adam Lambert?

CD sales Adam 200k+ Kris 80k+

Who is Kris Allen's cousins?

Kris Allen's cousin's are Julia Allen, Nicholas Allen, Jeffrey Allen, Jacob Rowe, Olivia Vargus, Alex Rowe, and Makayla Allen. this is the truth i am Julia Allen.these are all Kris allens 1st cousins.................and Savanna Hastings is his third cousin

Who are the composers of Live Like Were Dying by Kris Allen?

a band called the script.

Where can you download for free Kris Allen's live like we're dying?


Did Kris Allen released new album?

Not yet. His first album comes out on November 17th, 2009.

Does Kris Allen have an album?

yeah of course he won American idol.

What is the name of Kris Allen's new song?

No Boundaries and Live Like We're Dying

What is the song with 86400 seconds in a day?

Kris Allen's Live like we're dying

Who wrote Me And Bobby McGee?

Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster wrote Me And Bobby Mc Gee. Janis Joplin released the song on her Pearl album. She recorded it just a few days before she died.