What are L.E.D.s used for?

Updated: 9/17/2019
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Light emitting diodes are used to emit light! They can be used in flashlights, car headlights and traffic signals. Originally they were used for digital displays on clocks and calculators. There are many used for simple indicators such as on flash drives and under status lights in computer equipment. If you have a CAPS lock key light on your keyboard, it is an LED.


The use of LEDs is to save a electricity, they consume less power than a light bulb, and last longer.


LED's or `light emitting diodes' are solid state lights, meaning that they have no filament, which generate their light as power is applied to a junction which could be made up of many different materials such as gallium arsenide. Depending on the materials used, the light can be several different colors ranging from red to white and all colors between.

Many times in the epoxy shell in which the electronic junction is encapsulated, they'll add an additional `doping' compound to assist in the light producing a different or enhanced color. For instance a white LED is usually a blue LED which is `doped' to produce a white light. Over a period of time, the white LED will start to get bluish as it ages and the doping `wears out'.


1] to display a condition on a panel

2] In great quantity it can be used as a lamp or light illumination

And there many types of the same family that give out infrared. ultraviolet and many other colors just by shifting to a low or hi in the color spectrum range.

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Q: What are L.E.D.s used for?
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LEDs are used in traffic lights, on computer lights, car lights and indicators. You can also purchase LED flashlights and torches. Can be used in small devices for a variety of uses.

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Basically, when LEDs are connected in parallel, the LEDs with the lowest resistance will be the brightest, the other LEDs will be dimly lit or not lit at all. Therefore, use LEDs with the same model number and colour.

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