What are Mr. John Wesley's accomplishments and contributions?

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one of his major contributions was to help people out like mr. fitch with his lesson plans....

Mr. John was born in 1902.

Mr. John died in 1993.

If you asked Mr. Depp he would probably say his two children are his greatest accomplishments.

Below is a link to a list of Mr. Depp's awards.

You would say the male title first, but you need and in there. It should be Mr. and Mrs. John, and Mr. needs a period.

Mr Mystery is a Ruby Contributor (500,000 contributions) and an ex-Supervisor. A link to his profile page is provided.

It is proper to address Mr. John Doe PhD as Dr. John Doe. You might also address Mr. John Doe PhD as Mr. Doe or Doctor Doe, depending on which reference he prefers.

In the beginning John does not care about Mr. Pignati. As the book goes on John develops a strong relationship and loving for Mr. Pignati, more than Mr. Pignati even knew. You could tell this from how devistated John was about Mr. Pignatis death.

The man's; Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Ms. John Smith, Mr. John Smith and Miss Jane Jones.

Mr. Pignati, when john first sees him, reminds him of Santa Claus

The cast of Mr John - 2005 includes: Nicola Stephenson as Carol Benedict Wong as John

Monsieur John, abbreviate: M. John Mr John is also used more and more but the form is not correct. If you want to translate the noun: Monsieur Jean.

You would address for a Junior: Mr. & Mrs. John Jr., or, Mr. John Jr., and Mrs. Sarah Smith.

If they have different last names: Mr. John Smith & Mr. Tim Jones If they have the same last name it could be one of 3 ways: 1. Messrs. John & Tim Smith 2. John & Tim Smith 3 Mr. John Smith & Mr. Tim Smith The second way is more natural. Never say Mr & Mr Smith.

Can you use a prefix and suffix both after a person's name such as Mr. John Smith, CPA?

In Jane Eyre, Mr. St. John took a scrap of paper from Jane's desk.

I think it should be Mr and Mrs John Smith and Miss Kim Smith, otherwise it sounds like John is their surname.

Mr. Tom Oakley was played by John Thaw

Mr. John Smith, Owner Be sure to add the comma after the addressee's name and before the title.

The proper way to address that letter would be "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe."

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