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What are Multiple choice questions on Environmental science?


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January 02, 2011 9:04PM

1) What are the three R's?

2) What are three ways to help the environment?

3) What is Co2?

4) What is H2O?

5) What is O2?

6) What to trees produce?

7) What is another name for twister?

9) What % of earth is covered in water?

10) What % of earth is covered in land?

11) A green substance in leaves?

12) What is processing and reusing waste materials called?

13) What affect does global warming have?

14) What do you call the rain that contains chemical waste and causes of damage to plants and animals? a) Smog b) acid rain c) Monsoon rain d) Seasonal rain

15) What is the term used to describe a substance that can be broken down and be eaten up by microorganisms like bacteria?

a) Compound

b) Environment friendly

c) Biodegradable

d) Recycled

16) How many trees does it take to make a ton of paper?

a) 9

b) 12

c) 17

b) 24

17) How much oil does it take to process one ton of wood into paper?

a) 10 gallons

b) 45 gallons

c) 1.5 barrels

d) 3.5 barrels

18) Which of the following cannot be recycled?

A. Milk cartons

B. Plastic water bottles

C. Glass containers

D. Paper bags

E. None of the Above

19) If you recycle one ton of paper, how many trees can you save?

A. One

B. Nine

C. Seventeen

D. Thirty-five

E. One Hundred

20) How many times can glass be recycled?

A. No glass can't be recycled!

B. Once

C. Four times

D. Twenty times

E. Forever

21) The average aluminum can is made up of how much recycled aluminum?

A. 10%

B. 30%

C. 50%

D. 70%

E. 100%

22) What ways can you help save our earth?

A. Re-use your plastic bottles and bags

B. Reduce the amount of waste you produce

C. Plant a tree

D. Recycle

E. All of the Above!

23) Most of the trash your family throws away each day ends up getting.......

a) Recycle

b) Burned

c) Landfill

d) Eaten

24) Which items are recyclable?

a) Plastic milk jugs

b) Cereal boxes

c) Aluminum soda cans

d) All of the above

25) What is the environmentally friendly way to dispose of used tires?

a) Send them to a landfill

b) Recycle them into a playground matting

c) Dump them in a ditch along the roadway

d) Collect them and put them in a big pile

26) What is groundwater?

a) Water that is spilled onto the ground

b) Water beneath the ground surface

c) The bottom part of a lake or river

d) Rainwater that lands on the ground

27) What material do we throw away the most?

a) Glass

b) Paper

c) Aluminum

d) Plastic

28) How long does it take Styrofoam to break down in a landfill?

a) 10 Years

b) 50 Years

c) 100 Years

d) 500 Years

29) Used oil should be disposed of by…..

a) Dumping it on your driveway

b) Watering it down and spreading it as a fertilizer

c) Collecting it in a sealed container and taking it to an oil changing business

d) Keeping in the garage for 10 years before throwing it away in the trash