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Q: What are N-Dubz fastest selling single?
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What is ndubz first single?

you better not waste my time is ndubz first single

What was the years fastest selling single?

hero by the x factor finalist

What the 2008 fastest selling single?

The song Hero by the X Factor Finalists

Why are Ndubz called Ndubz?

ndubz live in camdon

Fastest selling book in childrens literature?

The fastest selling book (series of books) in children's literature was the Harry Potter series. These were actually the fastest selling books of all time as of 2014.

What was ndubz first single in the charts?

N dubz first single was you better not waste my time but the first single in the charts i think was playing with fire Hope i helped x

What were ndubz called before they were ndubz?

Lickle Rinsers Crew

What is Fazer from Ndubz mother's name?

Fazer from Ndubz mother's name is Elaine!

What is the fastest selling car?

Super Shelby Ultimate Aero is the fastest car! Top speed: 270mph

What is the top selling single for Secondhand Seranade?

"Fall for you" is the top selling single for Secondhand Seranade.

What are the fastest selling items or products on the internet?

The iPhone 4S

When were the band NDubz formed?

The band Ndubz were a British hip hop group from Camden Town, London. The group consists of members Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer. The band NDubz were formed in 2000.