What is ndubz first single?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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you better not waste my time is ndubz first single

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Q: What is ndubz first single?
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Where in Camden Does fazer from NDubz live?

confidential info.

What is the girl's name in he band ndubz?

tulisa tula contostavlos

Who is Tulisa of Ndubz cruelly ditched her bloke for?

Tulisa has not ditched her man,they are still together.

How did the group ndubz get their name?

It stands for North West, which is where they come from, Camden, North West Londonn. (:

Saw ndubz Tulisa at the weekend did she give her engagement ring back?

No she didn't. She's still with her bloke.

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What was ndubz first single in the charts?

N dubz first single was you better not waste my time but the first single in the charts i think was playing with fire Hope i helped x

Why are Ndubz called Ndubz?

ndubz live in camdon

What were ndubz called before they were ndubz?

Lickle Rinsers Crew

What is Fazer from Ndubz mother's name?

Fazer from Ndubz mother's name is Elaine!

When were the band NDubz formed?

The band Ndubz were a British hip hop group from Camden Town, London. The group consists of members Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer. The band NDubz were formed in 2000.

Are ndubz famous?

Yes they are.

What is ndubz Hotmail?

They do not have one

What is NDubz new song called?

NDubz new song in 2010 is Nana

What is tulisas from ndubz msn address?

== ==

Who has gone to jail from ndubz?

No one

Does tula ndubz have children?

not yet.

Who is end ndubz's biggest fan?