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What are Pokemon codes that will work with an Xploder SP?


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There's a number of Xploder codes that work. These include: Quick Daycare Level Up All PokeBalls Inf Cash 1st Pokemon Max Stats and ones such as: Catch Jirachi " Deoxys Go to the Gameshark homepage(gameshark.com oddly enough)and click on GBA.the Codes ork on a Xploder SP,and they have wild modifiers,too.


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Well to get some cheat codes for Pokemon ruby or sapphire, you will need to buy a cheating device such as Xploder GBA + Sp(not recommended), Action Replay Ultimate Codes(Recommended) or Gameshark Sp(ok, has alot of useful codes). These may be purchased on an internet website, eBay is best. Once you have one of them, seach in Google. I highly recommended NOT to get Xploder GBA + SP as there are not many codes.

This is the publisher of this question Yes there are, ive found them on http://pkmn.net they have Xploder codes for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON EVER! (1-351)

No because they are two different games and because the codes are different

the action replay for the sp has awsome encounter codes

The Normal Pokemon game will work the the GBA SP as it because the gba SP is just a GBA with a flip screen and brighter screen! The Normal Pokemon game will work the the GBA SP as it because the gba SP is just a GBA with a flip screen and brighter screen!

You can use gameshark to create shiny pokemon, but I don't prefer cheating.

No, it is a DS game therefore it may not be played on an SP.

heres the code:16f74220d33d 83da230fda27 1fda24a1906a

I have the same problem. I tried gameshark codes for Pokemon Fire Red, but for some reason they won't work for a Gameboy Advance Gameshark, only a SP Gameshark which doesn't make sense if Fire Red/Leaf Green can be played on Visual Boy Advance Emulator. I don't know if there is a SP Emulator for Sp Only. i can walk through walls and have infinite money and unlimeted master balls and rare candy i can tall you cheats go to goggle and search gameshark codes for Pokemon fire red

sp stands for special pokemon

Action Replay v3 is the older version of AR for Gameboy Advance SP. Atleast from the perspective of Gameboy Pokemon, most of the cheat codes for Gameboy Advance SP were written for this software. Action Replay Ds is for the Nintendo DS and thus will only work for DS titles. Action Replay Duo does work for both DS and Gamboy Advance Sp titles, although the functionality seems limited. I just got the Action Replay MAX, which was the last AR released for the Gameboy Advance SP....none of the codes supplied for Pokemon worked with it, let alone any of the codes written for the Action Replay v3!!!!

You cant find any gamesharks anymore.:) Hope this helps

Yes, GBA SP works just as a ordinary GBA. The only difference is that it charges and has a light for the screen.

POKEMON SP stands for trainers Pokemon-gym too appears Pokemon rising rivals POKEMON FBsumpreme victors

you can't. but you can try putting (in CAPITALS) SP after the name

it should. i looked it up on the Nintendo site and they say that the only difference between an SP and a GBA is just outter style/look. Hence why the GBA SP is called SP. SP stands for Special. it said the insides are still the same so as i said before, it should work.

no you can't,it tells you when you trade from the sp to ds. You can only trade pokemon from your sp to ds and once traded to the ds can not be returned to your sp

to use the cable insert the first plug into the sp back plug and insert the other plug into another sp or gamboy advance and you can trade stuff like pokemon.

if you go to the homeside ask.com and type: Pokemon firered version gameshark SP codes, and click on the first link there will be a mastercode and alot of other very nice cheats

no it is in Pokemon silver on gameboy advance or on sp

Sp. Attack is non-physical moves, where the pokemon do not make contact with each other.

In ds use the touch pad and in sp use A

you need action reply or gameshark to use codes.I'm not sure about a hacked game. hope this helps

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