What are Pulsating variable stars?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What are Pulsating variable stars?
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Pulsating variable stars are A-Binary stars B-Pulsars C-Novas D-Cephied Variables?

Cepheid Variables.

Are RR Lyrae stars and RR Lyrae variables different?

RR Lyrae variables are variable stars often used as standard candles. RR Lyrae are pulsating horizontal branch stars.

Is Betelgeuse a pulsating star?

Yes: Betelgeuse is a semiregular variable star so it is classed as a pulsating star.

What does Cepheid mean?

A Cepheid is a member of a class of pulsating variable stars. The relationship between a Cepheid variable's luminosity and pulsation period is quite precise, securing Cepheids as viable standard candles and the foundation of the Extragalactic Distance Scale.

What are one group of pulsating stars are called?


Can pulsars be considered pulsating stars?

No, they are completely different. See related questions

Heavenly body with periodically changing luminosity?

Variable stars are those that have changing luminosities. There are two kinds of variable stars: intrinsic (where the variation is due to physical changes in the star), and extrinsic (where the variation is due to the eclipse of one star by another, or due to the effect of stellar rotation). They can be further divided into five different classes: the intrinsic pulsating, cataclysmic, eruptive variables, extrinsic eclipsing binary, and rotating stars.

What has the author Leon Campbell written?

Leon Campbell has written: 'The story of variable stars' -- subject(s): Stars, Variable, Variable stars

What are pulsating stars?

That refers to star that change their size, and therefore their brightness, in a repetitive pattern.

What has the author W Strohmeier written?

W. Strohmeier has written: 'Variable stars' -- subject(s): Variable stars

What is an example of a continuous variable?

stars shining stars shining

Why are pulsating variable stars useful for finding distances to globular clusters?

It really depends on the type of star, but for certain star types, there is a relationship between the period and the absolute brightness, so if the period is observed, the absolute brightness can be deduced. Yes. It seems like this question is about the Cepheid variables.