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Q: What are Scottish staple foods?
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Is it stable foods or staple foods?

"Staple" is the proper word.

What and why are the staple foods staple foods in Italy?

pasta, its yummy

What staple foods are eaten in northern Russia?

staple foods are eaten in northern Russia are northern russia staple foods

Staple foods china?

'What are the staple foods in china?Rice and noodles.

Staple foods in India?

Wheat and rice are the staple foods of India.

What are the staple foods in Kenya?

The staple foods are rice bread pasta and soup

What are the staple foods from England?

Staple foods in England include potatoes and bread.

What are the staple foods of Mexico?

The Staple foods of Mexico are corn, beans, rice and chilies.

What are Chile's staple foods?

what is the staple food of chile

What are the staple foods of Africa?

The staple foods for Africa are yam, okra, rice and coco beans.

What are some types of staple foods?

Bread, water, meat, and vegetables are all staple foods.

What are the staple foods of Iceland?

Cheese and butter are two common staple foods of Iceland. The most common staple meat in the diet of the people is fish.

What is the staple food of namibia?

For agriculturalists, the staple foods are millet and sorghum.

What are some examples of staple foods?

some examples of staple foods can be :bread,rice,sweet potatoes,cereal; mostly carbohydrates foods

Different staple foods of the world?

Staple foods of the United States are corn, wheat, and rice. Staple food of Mexico is corn, it is used in many of the popular dishes in Mexico. Staple foods of Italy are fish, cheese, pork, and corn.

What are the main five staple foods?

The five main staple foods are potatoes, bread, beans, pasta and rice.

What is a sentence for staple crops?

Staple foods are basic commodities that is regularly consumed by people.Different regions have different staple foods, this is as a result of dynamic climatic conditions.

What are the primary staple foods?

Staple drinks are water and milk. Grains, such as wheat used for bread, is a staple. Veggies, such as potatoes, corn, carrots, beans, etc., are also staple foods. Fruits, such as apples and oranges, are the staple fruits.

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What are the staple foods of Scotland?


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