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Q: What are Signs of inadequate breathing in infants?
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What are signs of inadequate oxygenation in an oxygen therapy patient?

Signs and symptoms of inadequate oxygenation include cyanosis, drowsiness, confusion, restlessness, anxiety, or slow, shallow, difficult, or irregular breathing.

Which of the following signs of respiratory distress is typically unique to infants and children?

The signs of respiratory distress in infants and children are grunting, increased rate of breathing, chest retraction and difficulty in feeding.

What signs may indicate that a clients diet was inadequate?

Poor health and skin are principle signs of an inadequate diet.

What is the new recommendation for the AED regarding infants and children?

aperson with no breathing or abnormanl breathing is called

Infants who receive inadequate or unpredictable care of have parents who are cold indifferent or rejecting develop?


What happens to an inadequate newchild in The Giver?

In "The Giver," inadequate newchildren are released. This is a term used for euthanizing infants who do not meet certain developmental milestones. They are taken away and not seen again.

What has the author Linda Desmarais written?

Linda Desmarais has written: 'Inadequate weight gain in breastfeeding infants'

Why the breathing rate is high in infants?

due to high metabolic activities

In adult CPR what are the signs of troubled breathing?

Signs of breathing difficulty in adult CPR are wheezing, irregular, shallow, or gasping breaths.

What signs may indicate that a client s diet was inadequate?

nutritional reqirements

What complications may result from high levels of bilirubin in infants?

kernicterus, a form of brain damage. Signs of severe hyperbilirubinemia include listlessness, high-pitched crying, apnea (periods of not breathing), arching of the back, and seizures

Where will get best treatment for infant hydrocephalus in South India?

.Where I will get the best treatment for infant hydrocaphalus in India ?