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Smaller tornadoes near a larger tornadoes are often called satellite tornadoes.

Smaller vortices within a tornado are called subvorticies or suction vorticies.

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Can a tornado split into '3 tornadoes'?

Not really, but there are is a such thing as a multiple vortex tornado. These are tornadoes with multiple smaller vortices moving around inside with stronger winds than the rest of the tornado. Sometimes a multiple vortex tornado looks like two or more tornadoes swirling around each other, but it still is one tornado. Some tornadoes can also produce a satellite tornado which circles the main tornado.

Were do tornadoes hit?

Tornado alley is the main striking point for tornadoes.

What is the main idea of the book tornado?

its about tornadoes and how they work/do.

What are the main threats of tornadoes?

The main threat in a tornado is flying or falling debris.

What are mini tornadoes?

It depends. There is no real definition. Sometimes people use the term to describe small whirlwinds such as dust devils, which aren't really tornadoes, or refer to small artificial vortices that simulate tornadoes. Some have used the term to describe small, weak tornadoes that do no cause major damage. In Europe and Australia the term seems to be applied to virtually any tornado that strikes, even ones that cause significant damage. In 2008, a tornado in France leveled a house, considered F4 damage, before growing to a relatively. It was referred to by the media as a mini-tornado despite there being nothing mini about it. Some tornadoes, called mutliple vortex tornadoes, have smaller vortices inside the main circulation, revolcing around the center of the tornado. These are sometimes informally called mini tornadoes, though they are more preperly called suction vortices. They are not considered tornadoes in and of themselves, but rather part of a single, larger tornado.

Do tornados split?

Sort of. The vortex of a tornado can break down into a series of suction vorticies that circle inside the main vortex, but it is still considered one tornado. Some strong tornadoes can also spawn a small satellite tornado, which circles outside the large tornado.

What part of a tornado has the fastest winds?

It depends on the tornado. For most tornadoes the fastest winds occur at the edge of the core. For other tornadoes, especially large and/or strong ones the strongest winds occur in the suction vorticies, which are like mini tornadoes moving within the main circulation of a tornado. Tornadoes with this feature are called multiple vortex or multivortex tornadoes.

What other storm can a tornado cause?

A tornado cannot cause another type of storm, though some strong tornadoes will spawn smaller satellite tornadoes that "orbit" the main vortex.

What are the effects and concerns of a tornado?

Tornadoes cause major property damage and often kill and injure people. The main concerns regarding tornadoes are these effects and warning people when a tornado is coming.

Can one tornado be split in half?

no but it can lose strengths by the loss of strong updrafts that help maintain tornado rotation that made one reason why tornadoes parent thunderstorm weaken then the tornado weaken or dissipate but theres many ways that an tornado can dissipate by due to the its parent thunderstorm weakening There are a few circumstance where a tornado may look like it is splitting though. First there are multivortex tornadoes which have a number of smaller, more intense suction vorticies moving around inside the main circulation. Sometimes it creates the appearance of 2 or more tornadoes but is still in fact one tornado. There are also satellite tornadoes which circle around outside a stronger tornado, though these satellite tornadoes form next to the parent tornado rather than splitting off from them.

Where is the hot spot for tornadoes?

In the United States the main hot spot for tornadoes is Tornado Alley, which stretches from Texas to Kansas and Oklahoma.

Can tornadoes be made up of two or more smaller tornadoes?

Sort of. Some tornadoes have smaller vorticies inside them that cause swaths of more severe damage within the main damage path. However, a tornado such as this is still considered one tornado.

How does a tornado split?

There is no real evidnce of tornadoes actually splitting. However, there are multiple vortex, or multivortex tornadoes. These are tornadoes with two or more smaller vortices, sort of like smaller tornadoes, moving around inside the main circulatio. These are somtimes visible as separate funnels. It is believed that this phenonmenon occurs when a downdraft is forced down the center of a tornado, causing it to expand and then break down. This same effect has been reporduced in simulated tornadoes.

Can tornadoes form in groups?

Yes. When a single storm system produces multiple tornadoes in a relatively short time over an area it is called a tornado outbreak. There are usually several small outbreaks and one or two large outbreaks each year. Additionally, often within an outbreak, one thunderstorm can produce several tornadoes in succession. This is called a tornado family. Another phenomenon often mistaken for groups of tornadoes is a multivortex tornado. A multivortex tornado contains smaller, short lived vortices within the main circulation. In some cases this may look like several tornadoes moving in circles, but it is really one tornado.

What causes multiple tornadoes?

In the case of tornado outbreaks, if conditions are favorable for tornadoes, chances are that more than one storm will produce them. Multiple tornadoes close together most often occur in a tornado family. A tornado family occurs when a thunderstorm goes through cycles produces multiple tornadoes in succession. In some cases one member of a tornado family forms before the previous one dissipates. Winds flowing into a large, intense tornado may sometimes spawn a smaller satellite tornado that revolves around it. Finally, it is possible for a single tornado to have more than one funnel. Such multiple-vortex tornadoes occur when a downdraft descends through the center of a tornado. When it reaches the ground and spreads out it collides with air flowing into the tornado, producing complex interactions that spawn smaller vortices inside the main circulation.

What is the main reason tornadoes form?

When cold air and hot air mix together it forms a tornado.

Where does the wind spin fastest in a tornado?

It depends on the tornado. If it is a single vortex tornado the winds near at the edge of the core will be the fastest. However, many of the strongest tornadoes are multivortex, meaning that they have smaller vorticies (almost like mini tornadoes) inside the main vortex. In a multivortex tornado the fastest winds are within these subvortices.

What are vertices in a tornado as it is spinning and what do they look like?

Suction vorticies as smaller columns of rotating air within a tornado. They have more intense winds than the rest of the tornado. The suction vortices sometimes look like "mini tornadoes" moving around inside the main circulation.

How many types of tornado are there?

the types of tornadoes are: super cell tornadoes, landspouts, and waterspouts.There are two main types of tornadoes: supercell tornadoes and landspouts. There ware waterspouts too, but these are essentially the same as the other two, only on water.

What is the name of the equipment that they use to track tornadoes?

The main piece of technology used to track tornadoes is doppler weather radar, which can detect the wind signature of a developing tornado.

Do tornadoes start by rainy weather?

Tornadoes form in thunderstorms so they are usually accompanied by or preceded by rain. But the rain itself is not the main factor in tornado formation as storms with little or no rain can also produce tornadoes.

Do tornadoes bring any other weather situations?

Sometimes a strong tornado will produce a weaker satellited tornado that orbits the main funnel, but other than that no. Tornadoes are essentially an end product to various weather processes rather than a cause. Tornadoes may be accompanied by hail, flooding, and damaging straight line winds, but these happen alongside the tornado and are not caused by it.

What is the most destructive part of a tornado?

It depends on the tornado, but in the most destructive tornadoes, the worst damage is usually done by a series of smaller subvortices that revolve withing the main circulation.

What is the main force that causes a tornado?

Tornadoes, simply put, are produce by complicated interactions of wind current in a supercell thunderstorm.

What winds are associated with tornadoes?

Tornadoes produce powerful winds that rotate about a central axis and move up. Outside the tornado wind spirals inward. In some tornadoes smaller vortices develop inside the main circulation.

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