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Q: What are Texas' three main resources?
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What are three main minerals found in Texas?

Texas is rich in mineral resources. Some of these are Asphalt-bearing rocks, coal, gypsum and clay. These resources are useful in many industries and contribute to the economy of the state.

What are the main resources in the state of Michigan?

what are three resources of michigan

Main responsibilities in managing IT resources within an organisation?

three main responsibilities in managing IT resources within you organisation

Three main physical resources in the Caribbean?

There are many physical resources. These include ships, airplanes, as well as technology. Without these man-made resources, our lives would be much different.

What are theThree main resources necessary for the survival of humans?

Three main resources necessary for human survival are air, food, and water.

List three types of resources and give an example each?

the 3 types of resources are natural resources human made resources

What are the three main kinds of resources and how is each one define?

The three main kinds of resources are natural, human, and capital. Natural Resources are gifts of nature, human resources are skills people have to produce goods and services, and capital resources are the things people make, such as machines and equipment, to produce goods and services.

What are three main types of industry in Canada?

Natural Resources, manufacturing and services.

What are the three interior rivers of Texas?

The three main rivers or the heartland rivers are the Trinity, Brazos, and Colorado!

What is Texas Health Resources's population?

The population of Texas Health Resources is 18,000.

What is the population of Texas Health Resources?

Texas Health Resources's population is 2,008.

What is Texas' renewable resources?

Texas' renewable resources are wind, energy, and more.