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In a nut shell a Torx is an Allen Wrench with points also called a Star Drive. [,0&resMode=sharp&op_usm=0.9,0.5,0,0 Check Them Out] Hope This Helps.

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How do you remove a Jeep Wrangler tail light assembly?

take the four screws of that hold on the lens cover and remove it. if you look inside there will be 3 torks screws. remove those. and that's it.

How do you replace the rear axle on an Oldsmobile calais quad 4?

take your rear wheel and drum off on the back side of the dust shield there will be four torks bolts spray them good with pb blast and tap the torks bit with a hammer to make sure it is in the end of bolt ( so they don't strip) take them out and the rear axle will come out then just replace it and put you wheels drums and wheels on ......and no you don't have to take you brake shoes of though you may need to take a spring off......tuner1978

What size torks bit needed for rear calipers on 2004 silverado hd?

The 2004 Silverado HD uses a t-55 torx bit to remove the caliper. The torx can be found and most any auto parts.

How do you remove a 2001 H1 Hummer electric window motor?

Take the door panel apart remove the torks bolts at the bottom holding the window motor in. Take a drill and drill out the three rivet holes to remove the motor. You will then need to buy replacement bolts to reinstall unless they come with the motor. I had to do this yesterday and rebuilt the motor. (That will test the patients.) I cant seem to find where they sell them in my area.

Where is the thermostat and EGR valve on a 1991 Silverado?

The thermstat is in the housing at the motor end of the upper rad hose. Two bolts hold it on. The EGR is on top of the intake manifold near the throttle body. It has a vacuum hose and two bolts. If I remember correctly the bolt are inverted torks. Which require a special tool to remove. Use a pair of locking plyers to remove, then replace bolts with standard ones.

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How do you remove oil cooler from Chevy 4.3?

Take the oil filter off and remove the threaded piece that the oil filter screws onto with a #10 allen wrench, it will fit up inside of the center. Then with I believe a #40 torks remove the two bolts that holds the adapter to the block, once the adapter is removed, screw the center threaded piece that you first removed into the block and install a new oil filter. Then you can remove the oil lines from the radiator.

How do you change transmission fillter on2001 dodge ram?

remove the transmission pan:slowly it males a mess.I would recomend buying a drain plug kit from a parts supplier before starting you can install it when pan is off.makes future maintenance much easier.filter is 6x6 plastic or fiber square on the valve body.two torks 20t? screws replace reseal and fill.should take about 5-6 quarts start with 4 run it through gears then chech the level.

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How do you replace the 1995 BMW 525i cabin air filter?

remove the glove box at lower strap clips and 2 rear release hinge ,remove 2 covers on lower left passenger side carpet panals , . remove Pass side air duct at feet . In the very back left middle of firewall look up to your left with a flashlight. Remove plastic filter access door. Its the only cream colored plastic door back there.Its about 3 in wide and 8 in long One # 8 torks screw low on the door and a funny plastic blade at top that swings left to open. There will be a component box in the way of sliding out the filter.This small box is removable to allow the filter to be easily removed. Filters are 10 to 50 dollars. Bring vacuum with long narrow attachment for filter housing.

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How do you replace the wiper motor on a 1996 Pontiac Transport?

It is a simple take it off and bolt the new one on but on some you need special pullers etc, Disregard the above and follow these instruction which will also allow you the replace the wiper motor or wiper pulse module if that is why you need to replace. They are part of the same assembly. First disconnect the negative side of battery then look under the passenger side of wiper arm. You will see the motor end of the assembly. There is a arm attached by (2) #8mm bolts Remove one completely and the other back off enough to dislodge the arm. You will see 3 # 10mm bolts in a triangle configuration, remove them. You will have to slide the motor assembly to the left until it dislodges from the bracket. At this point unclip the electrical plug (black in color), you will now have the unit free to replace motor or pulse module. The pulse module is attached by 3 torks screws and can be lifted out after removal. I just replaced mine on 4/23/11. If i had this info earlier it would have saved me a lot of stress. Good luck.

How do you change the window switch on a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle?

There are three torks screws at the very bottom of the door panel. Remove them. Then pop the face off of the handle that you use to close the door. If you look at it you will see that there are two openings on the front side that you can insert a small scredriver into to get it started. Under the handle there are two Philips screws, remove them. Then you can just pull gently on the bottom of the panel and it will pop loose from the door. Lift it up and it will come loose. You need to support it because there are a lot of wires connected to it. The plugs in the window switches have a little catch that you need to squeeze to let them unplug. Once they are unpluged there is a plastic retained on the beezle that you squeez to pop the beezle out. The individual switches can be removed from the beezle if only one is bad. Be gentle the plastic is likely to be brittle. Just don't force anything. If it does not come apart or go to gether easy something is not lined up. Or you missed a screw. It can be a pain to get everything lined up so it goes back together. Just take you time and don't force it. If it does not go together easy something is not lined up correctly.

How do you loosen the tension to replace serpentine belt on 1996 Buick Rivera?

When I got my Riviera back in 2007 I thought that changing the belt was going to be easy like my wifes' Pontiac Firebird (2001) release tension and replace the belt right. NO the Riviera 3800 supercharger was difficult someone earlier tried to replace the belts and ruined the oil pan by jacking up the engine under the oil pan, this pan cannot hold the weight use a piece of wood with a v cut into it and jack the motor up on the vibration damper. I used a engine cherry picker and lifted the engine. Remove the passenger front wheel insert jack stands. There is a access panel behind the front passenger wheel the motor mount on the drivers side and with a torks I think a 52 a rather large one remove a large bolt and with a crowbar pry the old belt off this has to done to remove the belt and install the new one. Then replace the torx bolt and route the belt or belts use tensioneer. This was a real pain but can be done.

Where is the oil pan on a 1990 BMW 735i?

The oil pan is located at the bottomof the engine. It is held on by alot of bolts that all the way around it. It seams to go up on the engine and is a lot deaper than other oil pans I have seen. -A little more info: Hello. I just replaced the oil pan gasket on a 1991 735i. The oil pan is a front sump cast aluminum piece (as opposed to stamped steal as with most American cars.) This is probably where your confusion came in. The pan is held on by 32 bolts the majority of which are 10mm. they extend the full peremiter and are commplimented by 4 female torks running length wise joining where the bell housing and oil pan meet. To remove the oil pan all bolts must be removed. Then the engine must be lifted off of it's motor mounts. (to do this I jacked the engine and then placed a brace across 4X4 blocks placed on the fenders. to this the jacked up engine was chained. Your local BMW dealer has a cool tool to do this.) This alone won't give you enough room, so either the suspension cross member must be dropped (6 bolts total) or the oil pump removed (7bolts) I chose the latter. Overall your looking at about 4-8hrs. depending on your experience level and tools avalable. Also note that any BMW with the 3.5ltr inline 6cyl is prone to oil pan gasket failure, this is due mostly to the fact that the engine is tilted to the passenger side for hood clearance causing oil to sit on the passenger oil pan "seam" espically under load. Good Luck!

How do you remove the auto locking hubs on a 1995 ford bronco 4x4 so you can replace the rotor?

first thing is to go buy a shop manuel for the vehicle. they cost about 15 bucks. next thing is to rent borrow or buy the special socket needed to remove the axle locking nut. with out this socket there is no way to remove the nut with out wrecking it Remove the cap on the hub. Usually this requires a torks or Allen head. Now, your auto-lockouts could be different than mine. This is the way i removed mine: Once the hub cover is removed, there will be... basically a metal thing the size and shape of the hub cap you just removed. This is the auto locking mechanism itself. Use a small curved tool to remove the snap ring around the auto-lockout mechanism. Remove the mechanism remembering which way was up. Be sure NOT to rotate the mechanisms inside of it, it could mess with the alignment. The first thing you should remove is the C ring around the spindle. Then remove the washers. There should be 3. One plastic, one plastic with spindle groves, and a metal one. Replace them in the exact order when reassembling! Next pull out whats behind it. It should look like a bearing with teeth on the inside. Remember which way it went in. Behind that should be a thin C ring than keeps the axle nut from backing off. Remove that by pulling it straight back. Try not to bend it. Then use a axle nut socket to remove the nut. That should usually let the rotor slide off with the hub housing!When reassembling Be careful to replace all parts in the right direction. Good luck

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How do you repair an exterior door handle on a 98 ford van econoline that won't actuate the latch if the handle is not broken off but just doesn't open the door?

Answer The rear door latch is actuated both from the inside and outside door handles via a cable for each of the handles. The failure is in the individual cable assembly which clips into keepers at both the latch and respective door handles. The failure lies in the plastic retainer/clip that goes into metal retainers on the latch and the handles becomes brittle with time from deterioration from temperature variations. These cables should be replaced in pairs otherwise one will be taking the door apart again. While this is not impossible as a "do it yourself job" it is very difficult without a well illustrated manual to guide you as there are several door items which must be correctly removed to access the cables and the latch assembly which must be removed to attach the new cables. The repair begins with the door open (if possible) and removing the lower interior door panel which will provide access to four hex screws retaining the license plate holder/door handle assembly. (note: remove the license plate light lense from outside the vehicle before removing the assembly) Gently pull the license plate holder assembly outward and disconnect the rod to the lock and the electrical cable which has a connector (white) in the lower part of the door. If it has been impossible to open the door with either handle it will be necessary to release the latch by pushing on the release lever with a screw driver or other approprate tool. It is necessary to disconnect the rods to the electric door lock actuator if so equipped before removing the latch assembly. The latch assembly is held in place with three Torks type fasteners. Once the latch assembly is out install the new cables and re-assemble by reversing the removal procedures.