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Remember that a predator is an animal that lives by capturing and eating other animals. Some of the following listed may kill cats and not actually be a predator of cats.

I think it depends if your cat is wild or not. If its a house cat, it usally only needs to stay away from mostly people, and sometimes dogs. Some wild cats have many weird things to fear, posion dart frogs, and cats bigger than them, Many cases have been reported that cats running along accidently ran over a poison dart frog. Also most cats want to be the only cat alive so they will attack a cat that looks smaller than them.

It depends upon where you live, unless you are in the Amazon jungle I don't think poison dart frogs are a threat. Here in the Northeast there is a thing called a Fisher Cat which is actually a North American Marten, a member of the weasel family, but bigger and very nasty. It loves to eat cats. Anyone who lives around martens and lets their cats run free will eventually get one eaten. Foxes have been know to eat cats also.

Edit: Foxes don't usually prey on cats. Average house cats outweigh foxes and are more aggressive. The biggest predators of cats are cars. Other than that they have to watch out for bigger cats (bobcats, lynx, cougar), Coyotes, Dogs, Birds of Prey. Cats are usually able to get away from most of these animals, though, by hiding or climbing trees.

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Q: What are a cats predators?
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Cats are nature hunters so they are predators.. jus like lions and tigers they are cousins of big cats!! Cats=Hunters=Predators!

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well they have all kinds of predators. my siamese cats predators are other cats or anything that crosses their territory

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