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What are a hammer and chisel used for?

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A wood chisel is a cutting tool, used to shape wood. It is important for making mortice and tenon joints, a key component in early buildings and cabinet making. A hammer is sometimes used to drive it through the tough areas. These are finely honed and razor sharp. A stone chisel, sometimes a called a cold chisel, is a cutting tool used to cut and shape stone. It is of hardened steel and is sharp and wedge shaped, though isn't nearly the sharpness of a wood chisel. A cold chisel can also be used to cut metal.

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What tools were used during the Mesolithic era?

a chisel and a hammer

How do you kill your mind?

You take a chisel and a hammer, put the chisel next to your head, and bang the hammer against the chisel. Now your mind is dead.

What is the technique used for the chisel?

It depends on the type of chisel and what you are chiselling. Basically you place it against the object to be cut and hit it with a hammer.

What replaced the hammer and chisel in mining?

The hammer and chisel were the first instruments to be replaced by pneumatically-powered cutting devices.

What tools where used to make the Parthenon?

Hammer and Chisel Pulley systems and ramps

What goes with a chisel?

Hammer or mallet

What tool can be used to safely break a rock?

I'm not completely sure but i think a chisel or a hammer

What tools did colonial wheelwrights use?

They used a big hoop of iron, a chisel, an axe, and a hammer.

What breaks apart rocks?

a chisel and a hammer

What do you call a hammer like tool?


How do you remove concrete nails from basement tack strip for carpeting?

If you cant get them out with a pry bar you can shear them off at the surface with a chisel and hammer. the back of a hammer or pry bar. The concrete nails are as hard as the chisel and will ruin any chisel quickly if you try to shear the nails. The chisel can be used as a prying wedge. Removing the nails will bring out a small patch of concrete with it.

What tools did the early homo sapiens have?

Hammer, chisel, knives, bow and arrow, sling shots Hammer, chisel, knives, bow and arrow, sling shots

What is Mechanical Chisel?

A mechanical chisel is a heavy, rounded steel chisel with a fairly blunt point. It often has a heavier end for hitting it with a hammer.

How do you split rocks using a hammer?

Use it with a Chisel.

How do you break barriers through English?

With a hammer and chisel.

How do you remove bricks from cement floor?

with a hammer and chisel

How do you get a sym card out of a computer?

Crowbar or Hammer and Chisel

How can you break into an iPhone?

A hammer and chisel should do the trick.

What is the meaning of Chisel?

a long-bladed hand tool with a bevelled cutting edge and a handle which is struck with a hammer or mallet, used to cut or shape wood, stone, or metal.

Which tool is used with a hammer to cut wood?

A wood chisel. This is a tool with a steel blade extending out to be able to hit with a hammer,]. There is also a wood or plastic handgrip.

What two precautions should be taken when hitting the cold chisel with a hammer?

Make sure the hammer actually hits the end of the chisel, not your hand. Make sure the pointed end of the chisel is held firmly against what you wish to break or move.

How do you use a cold chisel and ball peen hammer to remove or cut metal?

You make sure the chisel is sharp and place the edge on the metal you wish to cut and hit it with a hammer, I prefer a small sledge to a ball peen hammer.

How do you bust out igniton on 96 lumina?

With a hammer and a cold chisel.

What do brain surgeons use as tools in there job?

Hammer and Chisel.

What is a chisel tooth?

It is a kind of bit for use in a jack-hammer.